[Watch] An Incredible Cricket Moment: Saim Ayub’s Unforgettable ‘No-Look Six’

Saim Ayub’s Unforgettable ‘No-Look Six’: Cricket fans witnessed a remarkable moment during the PSL 2024 match between Peshawar Zalmi and Islamabad. Saim Ayub, the star opener for Peshawar Zalmi, amazed everyone with an extraordinary display of power hitting, particularly with his stunning ‘no-look six’ against Tymal Mills of Islamabad.

In a highly anticipated match, Peshawar Zalmi’s openers, Babar Azam and Saim Ayub, took charge after Islamabad’s skipper Shadab Khan opted to bowl first. The duo started strong, scoring 11 runs in the opening over. Despite Agha Salman’s tight bowling in the second over, they quickly regained momentum, showcasing their batting prowess.

Saim Ayub’s Unforgettable ‘No-Look Six’


The highlight of the innings came in the third over when Saim Ayub unleashed his magic. Facing Tymal Mills, Ayub faced a full-length delivery aimed towards the middle. With incredible skill and precision, Ayub executed a scoop shot over fine leg, sending the ball soaring over the boundary for a six. What made this shot truly remarkable was that Ayub didn’t even glance at the ball’s trajectory as he hit it, captivating the crowd with his audacious stroke play.

Twitter Reacts on Siam Ayub Six

Social media erupted with excitement as cricket fans took to Twitter to express their awe and admiration for Saim Ayub’s breathtaking six. The Twitterverse buzzed with discussions, with many users hailing Ayub’s shot as one of the most spectacular moments of the tournament. Fans from around the world shared their emotions, praising Ayub’s skill and finesse on the cricket field.


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Saim Ayub’s ‘no-look six’ will be remembered as one of the standout moments of the PSL 2024 tournament. His exceptional batting display not only thrilled the spectators but also showcased the sheer talent and innovation present in modern-day cricket. As the tournament progresses, fans eagerly anticipate more such moments of brilliance on the cricket field.

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