List of The Most Valuable MLS Footballers in 2023 – Most Valuable MLS Players in 2023

As the MLS flourishes and draws exceptional talents globally, the talk of the town revolves around the league’s standout players who hold significant value. This year, 2023, is no different as the MLS displays a roster of remarkable footballers whose skills and market worth truly shine on the pitch. Join us as we delve into the roster of the top 10 most valuable MLS players of 2023, as curated by Transfermarkt and a range of sources.

Most Valuable MLS Footballers, Soccer Players in 2023

PlayerAgePositionMarket Value (₹ Cr)
Lionel MessiRight Winger280
Thiago Almada22Attacking Midfielder160
Sebastián Driussi27Attacking Midfielder120
Talles Magno21Left Winger120
Hany MukhtarAttacking Midfielder96
Lorenzo InsigneLeft Winger96
Cucho Hernández24Centre Forward80
Facundo Torres23Right Winger80
Diego RossiLeft Winger76
Evander25Central Midfielder72

Most Valuable MLS Players in 2023

10. Evander

Wrapping up the list is Evander, a 25-year-old central midfielder with a market value of ₹72 Cr. His versatility and adeptness at controlling the midfield make him an indispensable asset to his team’s strategies and gameplay.

9. Diego Rossi

Diego Rossi’s contributions as a left winger have earned him a market value of ₹76 Cr. His ability to craft goal-scoring opportunities and play a pivotal role in LAFC’s attack firmly cements his status among the league’s premier talents.

8. Facundo Torres

23-year-old right winger Facundo Torres has rapidly acclimated to the MLS, showcasing his latent potential. Valued at ₹80 Cr, his performances for Orlando City have turned heads among fans and clubs alike.

7. Cucho Hernández

Aged 24 and hailing from Colombia, Cucho Hernández has displayed his prowess in front of goal. With a market value of ₹80 Cr, his talent for finding the back of the net and setting up scoring opportunities for Columbus Crew marks him as one to watch.

6. Lorenzo Insigne

Italian left winger Lorenzo Insigne brings a wealth of experience from his time at Napoli. With a market value of ₹96 Cr, Insigne’s contributions to Toronto FC have been immeasurable, even in the face of challenges posed by adapting to a new league.

5. Hany Mukhtar

Valued at ₹96 Cr, Hany Mukhtar has firmly established himself as an attacking midfielder with an uncanny ability to find the net. His tally of 13 goals and seven assists underscores his capacity to shoulder his team’s offensive responsibilities, propelling Nashville’s quest for glory.

4. Talles Magno

At just 21, left winger Talles Magno commands a market value of ₹120 Cr. This young Brazilian prodigy has displayed his potential to be a future football luminary, with his performances duly recognized among the MLS’s most valuable players.

3. Sebastián Driussi

Aged 27, Sebastián Driussi, an attacking midfielder, boasts a market value of ₹120 Cr. His unwavering performances on the field have not gone unnoticed, earning him a place among the league’s crème de la crème. Driussi’s contributions to his team’s attacking prowess establish him as a pivotal player to watch.

2. Thiago Almada

Thiago Almada, an attacking midfielder, has caught everyone’s eye with his youthful dynamism. At the tender age of 22, his market value of ₹160 Cr reflects his potential to become a future football sensation. Almada’s knack for creating opportunities and bolstering his team’s attack firmly secures his spot among the elite.

1. Lionel Messi

At the pinnacle of this list stands the iconic Lionel Messi. The Argentine right winger, renowned for his mesmerizing dribbles and precise accuracy, commands a market value of ₹280 Cr. His presence in the league has not only raised its stature but has also captivated fans with his enchanting performances.

The MLS continues to evolve, attracting talents worldwide, each bringing their unique styles to the field. While these valuations provide a glimpse of players’ present market value, it’s crucial to acknowledge that opinions on their worth can vary. As the 2023 season progresses, these exceptional players are set to captivate fans with their on-field displays and contributions to the beauty of the game.

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