Who Has the Best QB Stats of All-Time?

When we talk about football, there’s always a big debate about who is the best quarterback of all time. One way to figure it out is by looking at their numbers – the stats. But which numbers really matter? In this article, we’re going to break down the numbers and see who the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history really are.

Quarterback Stats

Before we start talking about numbers, let’s understand what they mean and why they are important. Quarterback statistics help us understand how good a quarterback is at playing football. These numbers tell us if they are consistent, efficient, and if they can help their team win games.

Important Quarterback Stats

To decide who’s the best, we need to look at a few important statistics:

  • How many yards they have thrown for
  • How many touchdowns they have thrown
  • Something called passer rating, which combines lots of stats
  • How often they complete their passes
  • How often they throw interceptions

Top Quarterbacks with the Most Passing Yards

Passing yards are a big deal when we talk about quarterbacks. Let’s look at the top quarterbacks in NFL history based on how many yards they’ve thrown for:

  1. Drew Brees – He’s on top with a huge 80,358 passing yards.
  2. Tom Brady – He’s not far behind with 79,204 yards. He’s been around for a long time!
  3. Peyton Manning – Manning has 71,940 yards, which is pretty impressive too.

Top Quarterbacks with the Most Passing Touchdowns

Touchdowns are where quarterbacks really shine. Let’s check out the quarterbacks with the most touchdown passes:

  1. Tom Brady – He’s the leader with a whopping 581 touchdown passes.
  2. Drew Brees – Brees is right behind with 571 touchdowns.
  3. Peyton Manning – Manning rounds out the top three with 539 touchdown passes.

Top Quarterbacks with the Best Passer Rating

Passer rating is a bit complicated, but it tells us how good a quarterback is overall. Here are the top quarterbacks based on passer rating:

  1. Aaron Rodgers – Rodgers has the highest passer rating at 103.9.
  2. Russell Wilson – Wilson is next with a rating of 101.8.
  3. Drew Brees – Brees makes another appearance with a rating of 98.7.

The Great Brady vs. Manning Debate

Talking about quarterback stats without mentioning Tom Brady and Peyton Manning is impossible.

Tom Brady’s Stats

Brady has some amazing stats. He holds records for the most career touchdown passes and has won lots of Super Bowls. He’s been playing for a very long time and has been really good for a very long time.

Peyton Manning’s Stats

Manning was known for being really smart on the field. He set records for career passing yards and touchdown passes. He was precise and knew how to win games.

Comparing Brady and Manning

Deciding between Brady and Manning is like choosing between two delicious desserts. It really depends on your taste. Both of them have made a huge impact on the NFL.

Other Amazing Quarterbacks

While Brady and Manning often steal the show, there are other amazing quarterbacks too.

Joe Montana: A Legend

Montana won four Super Bowls and was known for staying cool under pressure. His stats might not be the best today, but he’s still a legend.

Johnny Unitas: A Pioneer

Unitas changed how quarterbacks played in the 1950s and ’60s. His stats might not look great today, but he changed the game.

Drew Brees: Modern Records

We’ve talked about Brees’s stats already, but it’s worth mentioning again. He broke a lot of records in today’s pass-heavy NFL.

Deciding who the best quarterback of all time is hard. It depends on the era, how they played, and what you like in a quarterback. Whether you love Brady’s long career, Manning’s smarts, or the legends of the past, one thing is clear – quarterback stats are a big part of what makes the NFL great.


  1. Who has the most passing yards in NFL history?

    • Drew Brees has the most passing yards with 80,358.
  2. Which quarterback has thrown the most touchdowns in their career?

    • Tom Brady leads with 581 touchdown passes.
  3. Who has the highest passer rating among NFL quarterbacks?

    • Aaron Rodgers has the highest passer rating at 103.9.
  4. How many Super Bowls has Tom Brady won?

    • Tom Brady has won 7 Super Bowls, which is more than any other quarterback.
  5. Who is considered the greatest quarterback of all time?

    • The title of the greatest quarterback of all time is a matter of personal opinion and often sparks passionate debates among NFL fans.
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