Top NFL Kickers with the Most Missed Field Goals in History

In the NFL, kickers play a crucial role in scoring points for their teams. Surprisingly, when we look at the top 25 career scoring players in NFL history, they are all kickers. That’s because kickers have many opportunities to score points, especially through field goals.

Most Missed Field Goals in History

RankPlayerField Goals MissedPoints
5Fred Cox1731,365
4Jim Turner1841,439
3Jan Stenerud1851,699
2Lou Groza2171,608
1George Blanda3042,002


Top 5 Most Missed Field Goals in History

Here are the five kickers who have missed the most field goals in NFL history:

5. Fred Cox (173 misses)

Fred Cox was a kicker for the Minnesota Vikings from 1963 to 1977. During his career, he attempted 455 field goals but missed 173 of them. He scored 1,365 points in his NFL career, ranking 35th in history.

4. Jim Turner (184 misses)

Jim Turner played for 16 seasons, from 1964 to 1979. He spent seven seasons with the New York Jets and nine seasons with the Denver Broncos. Turner made 304 field goals but also missed 184 of them. He scored 1,439 points, ranking 29th in NFL history.

Most Field Goals in NFL History – Top 5 Players with Most Field Goals

3. Jan Stenerud (185 misses)

Jan Stenerud had a 19-year NFL career, playing for three different teams: the Kansas City Chiefs for 13 seasons, the Green Bay Packers for four, and the Minnesota Vikings for two. He attempted 558 field goals, missing 185 of them. Stenerud’s 1,699 points rank 19th all-time in the NFL.

2. Lou Groza (217 misses)

Lou Groza was known as “The Toe” due to his kicking skills. He played his entire 21-year career for the Cleveland Browns. Groza was not only a kicker but also played on the offensive line for 14 years. He missed 217 field goals and scored 1,608 points, ranking 21st in NFL history.

1. George Blanda (304 misses)

George Blanda holds the record for the most missed field goals in NFL history, with 304 misses. Blanda had a legendary 27-year career, playing as a quarterback, kicker, and punter for four different teams. He scored the seventh-most points in NFL history, with a total of 2,002, earning a place in the Hall of Fame.

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