Tennessee Titans Add Two New Players Before Big Game in London

The Tennessee Titans have brought in two new players for their big game against the Baltimore Ravens in London. Shyheim Carter and Taylor Stallworth, who were on the Titans’ practice squad, are now part of the main team.

Shyheim Carter’s Big Break

Shyheim Carter’s journey to the main team is quite a story. He joined the NFL in 2020 but was released eight times. On October 1, he finally got his chance to play in a regular-season game against the Cincinnati Bengals. In that game, the Titans won 27-3, and Carter made 11 tackles. He had been with the practice squad since December 2021. Now, he’s on the main team, showing that hard work pays off.

Taylor Stallworth: A Well-Traveled Player

Taylor Stallworth has played for a few NFL teams since joining the New Orleans Saints in 2018. This year, he started with the Houston Texans but got released due to an injury. He then joined the Carolina Panthers but was released from there too. Now, he’s with the Titans and ready to show his skills.

Challenges for the Titans

The Titans have some players with injuries. Elijah Molden has a hamstring injury, and Jeffery Simmons and Teair Tart have been dealing with injuries too. Denico Autry also has a finger injury. This makes adding new players like Carter and Stallworth important.

To make room for these new players, the Titans had to let go of Kindle Vildor and Justin Murray.

The Big Game

The Titans will face the Baltimore Ravens at 8:30 a.m. CDT on Sunday. You can watch the game on the NFL Network. It’s going to be an exciting match with these new additions to the Titans‘ team.

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