Minnesota Vikings 2023 Season Analysis: Potential Trades and Turning Points

The 2023 NFL season has not been very kind to the Minnesota Vikings, who currently hold a record of 1-4. Many fans are feeling disappointed and unsure about the team’s performance this year. The upcoming game against the Chicago Bears is going to be crucial for both teams as they fight to stay relevant in a season that’s been quite tough for them.

The Chicago Bears’ Rough Start

The Chicago Bears didn’t start the season on a strong note. They lost their first two games to the Green Bay Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Those losses were expected since both of those teams are tough competitors. But things took a turn for the worse when the Bears were crushed 10-41 by the Kansas City Chiefs. It was a pretty painful game to watch, and everyone noticed. After that, they faced another heartbreaking loss, this time to the Denver Broncos, who were coming off a massive 20-70 defeat against the Miami Dolphins. The Bears did manage to bounce back with a 40-20 victory against the Washington Football Team, which felt like a ray of hope.

The Minnesota Vikings’ Struggles

Now, let’s talk about the Vikings. They’ve had a season full of ups and downs, but it feels like they’re often their own worst enemies.

Kirk Cousins, the Quarterback

Kirk Cousins, the Vikings’ quarterback, has been in the spotlight this season. He’s been with the team since 2018 and has made the playoffs twice. However, his playoff record isn’t very impressive, with just one win in three postseason games. Some people argue that he has talented receivers at his disposal, but even that hasn’t brought much postseason success. Kirk is 35 years old, and his contract is set to expire soon, which makes it likely he’ll leave. The problem is that he has a say in where he goes, thanks to his no-trade clause. Most fans are hoping for a trade at this point. It would let the team cut their losses and maybe get something valuable in return. But it’s essential that Kirk lands with a competitive team or at least one on the verge of making the playoffs.

Danielle Hunter, a Valuable Player

Danielle Hunter is another player who might be on the move. He’s been doing well this season, with 6 sacks, 9 tackles for loss, and a forced fumble. The unique thing about Danielle is that he’s not locked into a contract for the next season. This makes him a valuable trade asset. Just like with Kirk Cousins, the best scenario for the Vikings would be to trade Danielle to a team in desperate need of a top-tier pass rusher. This could happen if another team faces significant injuries or if a playoff contender wants to strengthen its roster. While it might not be a thrilling prospect to go on without Danielle, it could be a necessary step considering how the season has been so far.

Josh Oliver’s Role

TJ Hockenson, another tight end on the team, is unlikely to be traded. The Vikings have invested a lot in him, and his contract doesn’t make him an attractive trade option right now. He’s been struggling on the field, and other teams might not be interested in him. On the other hand, Josh Oliver, who has shown promise in the limited time he’s played, could be a more appealing trade option. His contract runs until 2026 with an average salary of $7 million per year, making him a good prospect for teams looking for a high-level tight end. Josh Oliver is also versatile, not just as a receiver but also as a blocker.

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In a nutshell, the Minnesota Vikings have reached a crucial point in their 2023 season. Possible trades involving key players like Kirk Cousins, Danielle Hunter, and Josh Oliver could have a significant impact on the team’s future. We’ll have to wait and see how these decisions unfold, but they will undoubtedly shape the Vikings‘ season and their path to success. If you have any thoughts on these potential trades, feel free to share them in the comments.

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