Karns City Football QB Mason Martin in Critical Condition After Game Incident

Mason Martin is a high school quarterback from Karns City who had a very serious health problem during a football game. In the middle of the game against Redbank Valley, he suddenly collapsed and lost consciousness during the third quarter. Some people noticed that he was having trouble walking, and a referee talked to him. Mason told the referee that he wasn’t okay, and that’s when they realized something was really wrong.

After he talked to the referee, Mason collapsed, and he was rushed to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh. Doctors found that he had a significant bleeding in his brain and also had a collapsed lung. His family asked for prayers and said that they need a miracle for Mason to recover.

A friend of Mason’s family, Shennell Crissman, shared that Mason was a passionate and selfless player who always put his team first. Unfortunately, Mason’s family has been going through a tough time because Mason’s mom, Stacy King, is battling stage four breast cancer.

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The football game was stopped because of Mason’s condition, and schools in Butler County canceled classes for the next day. Counselors will be available to help students when they return to school. This was a very distressing situation for Mason and his family, and they are in need of support and prayers.

Mason Martin in Critical Condition After Game Incident

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