Former Patriot Chris Hogan’s Valuable Advice for Young Receivers

Former wide receiver Chris Hogan has given some important advice to the young Patriots receivers who are facing the challenge of learning the team’s complex playbook. The Patriots have a reputation for being a tough place to play because of their demanding coaching and playbook.

Recently, the Patriots added new offensive players like JuJu Smith-Schuster and rookie wide receivers Kayshon Boutte and Demario Douglas to their team. This has sparked a debate about whether the playbook should be simplified to help the younger players.

Chris Hogan, who played for the Patriots and won two Super Bowls with them, shared his wisdom. He emphasized the importance of studying and preparation for success in the game. Hogan said, “The more you study and prepare, the easier the game becomes. If you don’t prepare, the game can feel overwhelming.”

“The more you study and the more you prepare, the slower the game will be. If you don’t prepare, the game will be so fast, and it can get away from you.

Preparation. That’s the biggest thing. Just be prepared. And don’t take for granted that every bit of film is on that iPad. Study the Eagles and what they do. For me, it was always about how much film I can watch. Not just turning it on and staring at it. Knowing everything I can about everything. Everything.”

Hogan advised the young receivers to watch a lot of game film, not just casually, but to really understand the opponent’s strategies. He stressed the importance of being prepared.

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Hogan also talked about the value of learning from veteran players, like Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman, who helped him succeed in New England. He reminded the young receivers that in the Patriots organization, players are responsible for their own preparation and performance.

“In the end, whether it’s preparation or execution, it falls on the player themselves. It was on me. New England is not a place where they will wait around for someone to get up to speed. They put a lot of responsibility and accountability on the players, which is totally acceptable. As a professional athlete, you have to be able to know how to do your job.

I hate saying that sometimes, but that’s really what it is. You’re an NFL receiver. It’s on you, as a veteran or as a rookie, to learn to manage your time, study, and be ready when your number is called.”

In simple terms, Hogan’s message is that hard work, studying, and learning from experienced players are essential for success, especially in a challenging environment like the Patriots. The young receivers will need to put in the effort to meet the high expectations and be ready to perform when called upon.

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