Sunil Narine’s Pink Obsession: Insights from Wasim Akram

Former Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) bowling coach, Wasim Akram, recently shared an intriguing story about Sunil Narine’s fondness for the color pink. Akram, who worked closely with Narine during his time with KKR in the IPL, shed light on the West Indian all-rounder’s unique preference for fluorescent pink.

Sunil Narine Love Pink Color Kkr Wasim Akram

Unveiling Sunil Narine’s Love for Pink

In a recent conversation with Sportskeeda Cricket on the Match Ki Baat show, Wasim Akram revealed some fascinating details about Sunil Narine’s affinity for fluorescent pink. Akram disclosed that Narine not only has a bat grip in that color but also went to the extent of getting his car painted in bright pink because of his adoration for it.

Akram’s Account: Narine’s Stylish Choices

According to Akram, Narine’s penchant for pink extends beyond just his car. He mentioned that Narine sports pink glasses, wears clothes in the same vibrant hue, and even owns a bag in pink. Akram commended Narine’s bold fashion sense, emphasizing that the all-rounder carries off the pink color exceptionally well.

Narine’s Love for Pink: A Personal Touch

Akram shared a humorous anecdote about Narine’s colorful preferences, highlighting the West Indian cricketer’s easy-going nature. He mentioned Narine’s response when asked about his pink-colored car, attributing it to fulfilling desires with the means at hand.

Twitterati Reacts: Fans Marvel at Narine’s Style

Following Akram’s revelations, fans took to social media to express their amusement and admiration for Narine’s unique style choices. Pictures of Narine in fluorescent pink attire circulated online, further solidifying his reputation as a trendsetter.

The Mentorship Bond: Akram and Narine’s Off-Field Camaraderie

Akram’s detailed knowledge about Narine’s personal preferences suggests a close bond between the two during their time together at KKR. Beyond their professional relationship, it appears that Akram and Narine shared many off-field moments, fostering a camaraderie that transcended the cricketing arena.


Sunil Narine’s love for fluorescent pink, as revealed by Wasim Akram, adds an interesting dimension to his personality. From his bat grip to his car and accessories, Narine’s colorful choices reflect his vibrant persona both on and off the cricket field. With Akram’s insights providing a glimpse into Narine’s stylish flair, fans eagerly await more glimpses of the West Indian’s unique fashion sense in the future.

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