[Watch] Shabnim Ismail Fiery Send-Off to Shafali Verma After Being Hit for Two Sixes

The 2024 Women’s Premier League witnessed an intense clash between two powerhouse teams, MI and DC, as they battled it out in Delhi. Among the standout moments was the fiery encounter between Shabnim Ismail and Shafali Verma, which ignited a storm on Twitter. Let’s delve into the thrilling showdown that captivated fans and sparked discussions online.

In a highly anticipated match in Delhi, MI and DC faced off in the Women’s Premier League final rematch. The stage was set for a gripping contest between two top-notch teams, and the showdown between Shabnim Ismail and Shafali Verma added an extra layer of excitement to the proceedings.

Shabnim Ismail

Shabnim Ismail Fiery Send-Off to Shafali Verma


As the game unfolded, Shafali Verma showcased her attacking prowess, unleashing a barrage of boundaries in the powerplay with assistance from Meg Lanning. However, luck seemed to favor Verma as Saika Ishaque dropped her early in the innings off a surprise bumper from Ismail. Undeterred, Ismail persisted, only to face two consecutive sixes from Verma in the following over.

Despite the setback, Ismail remained undaunted and determined to turn the tide in her favor. With grit and determination, she delivered a well-directed delivery in the fifth over, challenging Verma’s aggressive approach. The young batter attempted to slash it across the line but only managed to edge it to the wicketkeeper, resulting in her dismissal.

Twitter Reacts on Shabnim Ismail Fiery Send-Off

The intense showdown between Ismail and Verma didn’t go unnoticed, as Twitter erupted with reactions from cricket fans worldwide. The display of skill, determination, and competitive spirit on the field captivated audiences and sparked lively discussions online. Fans praised Ismail for her resilience and ability to bounce back after facing adversity.


The confrontation between Ismail and Verma epitomized the competitive spirit of the Women’s Premier League, showcasing the talent and tenacity of the players involved. As the match progressed, the momentum swung back and forth, keeping spectators on the edge of their seats. The intense battle between bat and ball highlighted the thrilling nature of the sport.

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In a riveting encounter between MI and DC in the Women’s Premier League, Shabnim Ismail’s intense showdown with Shafali Verma stole the spotlight and generated buzz on Twitter. The clash between these two talented players exemplified the excitement and drama of cricket, leaving fans eagerly anticipating the next chapter in this captivating rivalry.


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