[Watch] Rohit Sharma’s Remarkable Six Leaves Twitter in Awe During IND vs ENG Test Match

People on Twitter were amazed by Rohit Sharma’s incredible shot during the India vs England Test match. Even though the bowler was experienced, Rohit showed his skills and left everyone impressed.

Rohit Sharma’s Exceptional Shot

During the match, Rohit Sharma played a shot that surprised everyone. He hit a six off a ball bowled by James Anderson, who has taken 700 Test wickets. Rohit’s ability to hit such a shot against a top bowler like Anderson shows why he’s so famous in cricket today.

India’s Dominance in the Match

India was doing well in their chase of 192 runs on Day 4 of the match. Rohit Sharma and Yashasvi Jaiswal were playing aggressively to give India a strong lead in the series. Despite Anderson starting with a maiden over, Rohit quickly showed his intent with his remarkable shot.

Description of the Shot

Anderson bowled a length ball towards Rohit’s leg stump, hoping to trouble him. But Rohit seized the opportunity by lifting his back leg slightly and hitting the ball towards cow corner with ease. Even though it was a Test match, the shot resembled something you’d see in limited-overs cricket, surprising everyone, including the England players.

Twitter’s Reaction

Twitter users praised Rohit Sharma for his entertaining play, even in Test cricket. They were amazed by his skill and ability to thrill the audience with his shots. Even experienced players like Ben Stokes couldn’t help but appreciate Rohit’s talent.

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Rohit Sharma’s exceptional shot during the India vs England Test match left everyone in awe. His ability to play such shots against top bowlers shows why he’s considered one of the best in the game. Twitter was filled with praises for Rohit, proving once again why he’s such a beloved figure in cricket.

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