[Watch] Rohit Sharma’s Funny Exchange with Sarfaraz Khan

In a recent cricket match between India and England, a lighthearted moment involving Rohit Sharma and Sarfaraz Khan stole the show. Let’s delve into the amusing incident that had everyone on Twitter talking.

During the match, England was holding their ground well, reaching a comfortable score of 100/2 by lunchtime. Zak Crawley, one of England’s batsmen, was impressing everyone with his solid performance, even surviving some tricky moments against the bowling of Kuldeep Yadav.

Sarfaraz Khan Rohit Sharma Test Against England

Rohit Sharma hands over DRS duties to Sarfaraz Khan after being proven wrong twice


It all started when Kuldeep Yadav delivered a ball that seemed to brush Zak Crawley’s bat. However, the umpire didn’t give him out. Yet, Sarfaraz Khan, fielding nearby, was adamant it was a wicket and urged captain Rohit Sharma to review the decision. Initially hesitant, Rohit eventually relented, perhaps swayed by Sarfaraz’s confidence.

Sarfaraz wasn’t ready to give up. He persistently argued with Rohit to reconsider and use the Decision Review System (DRS). After some deliberation, Rohit finally agreed, acknowledging Sarfaraz’s conviction. Lo and behold, Sarfaraz was right! The review revealed that Crawley did indeed nick the ball, and India secured the wicket they deserved. This moment brought a mix of frustration and amusement for Rohit, who couldn’t help but smile at Sarfaraz’s persistence paying off.

Sarfaraz’s Unintentional Signal

Later in the game, when Joe Root was batting, another close call ensued. This time, Sarfaraz was again involved, but in a more comical manner. When Rohit looked to Sarfaraz for guidance on whether to review, Sarfaraz innocently shrugged, as if to say he wasn’t sure. Catching the unintentional signal, Rohit decided to trust his teammate once again.

Twitter Reacts

The entire exchange was captured on the stump mic, and cricket fans couldn’t get enough of it. Rohit’s playful banter with Sarfaraz, and the rookie’s unexpected influence on DRS decisions, sparked a flurry of memes and reactions on Twitter.

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In the heat of competition, it’s refreshing to witness moments of camaraderie and humor on the cricket field. Rohit Sharma and Sarfaraz Khan’s exchange provided just that, reminding us that amidst the intensity of the game, there’s always room for laughter and light-heartedness.

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