[Watch] Rohit Sharma Laugh on Umpire during IND vs ENG Test at Dharmshala

IND vs ENG: In a recent cricket match, Rohit Sharma found himself in a rather amusing situation when he was given out by umpire Joel Wilson. Let’s delve into the incident and see how Twitter reacted to it.

India was on the brink of another victory in the Test series against England as they bowled out the visitors for a low score of 218. Rohit Sharma, the Indian skipper, took charge with the bat and showcased his elegant batting skills against the English bowlers.

Rohit Sharma Laugh On Umpire During Test Ind Vs Eng

Rohit Sharma Laugh on Umpire

During Rohit’s innings, there was a moment of controversy when umpire Joel Wilson made a questionable decision. James Anderson delivered a ball that brushed Rohit’s pads, and the English players appealed loudly. Despite initial hesitation, Wilson raised his finger, declaring Rohit out.

Rohit, surprised by the decision, quickly signaled for a review. As he walked towards the dressing room, he couldn’t help but burst into laughter, finding the situation quite ridiculous. He raised his arm in question, perhaps expressing his disbelief, and may have let out a few choice words in the process. Fortunately, the review showed that Rohit was not out, and justice was served. However, fans on Twitter couldn’t resist poking fun at the umpire’s blunder, calling it a “classic Sharma Ji” moment.

Twitter’s Response to Humorous Reactions


Twitter was abuzz with reactions to Rohit’s laughter and the umpire’s error. Many fans shared memes and jokes, highlighting the hilarity of the situation. Some even suggested that Rohit’s reaction was priceless and added to the entertainment of the game.

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In the end, the incident provided a moment of amusement amidst the intensity of the match. Rohit Sharma’s ability to laugh off the umpire’s mistake showcased his calm demeanor on the field. It also reminded us that even in high-stakes games, there’s room for laughter and light-heartedness.

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