[Watch] Nathan Lyon’s Magical Delivery Rivals Shane Warne’s ‘Ball of the Century’

Whenever a spinner delivers an unplayable ball that dismisses a batsman, Shane Warne’s legendary delivery to Mike Gatting in 1993 often comes to mind. This famous ball, bowled at Old Trafford in Manchester, became known as the ‘ball of the century.’

Nathan Lyon Test

Recently, Nathan Lyon, Australia’s leading off-spinner and Warne’s successor, bowled a stunning delivery that brought back memories of Warne’s magic. Playing for Lancashire in the County Championship Division One against Warwickshire, Lyon bowled an incredible off-spin ball that has cricket fans buzzing.

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The Setup at Old Trafford

Just like Warne’s famous ball, Lyon’s magic delivery also took place at Manchester’s Old Trafford. Warwickshire’s captain, Alex Davies, who had scored an unbeaten 127 in the first innings, faced Lyon’s brilliant delivery.

Bowling from over the wicket, Lyon pitched the ball at a good length. Davies, attempting to drive it through extra cover, was completely deceived by the sharp turn. The ball went through the gap between his bat and pad, hitting the leg stump.

The Unbelievable Turn

Davies, like many before him, was left stunned by the unexpected turn. He watched in disbelief as the ball turned sharply before rattling the stumps. This delivery reminded everyone of how Gatting, one of the best batsmen at the time, was outfoxed by Warne’s incredible spin.

Nathan Lyon’s Magical Delivery


Nathan Lyon has consistently proven himself as a worthy successor to Warne, maintaining Australia’s rich legacy of spin bowling. His recent delivery against Davies showcased his skill and ability to produce moments of magic on the field, just like Warne.

Lyon’s ball has sparked discussions among cricket fans and experts, many of whom are comparing it to Warne’s ‘ball of the century.’ While it’s up for debate whether it surpasses Warne’s delivery, there’s no doubt that Lyon’s brilliance continues to keep the spirit of spin bowling alive in cricket.

In the end, Nathan Lyon’s remarkable delivery at Old Trafford not only dismissed a top batsman but also revived memories of one of cricket’s most iconic moments, ensuring that the art of spin bowling remains as thrilling and unpredictable as ever.

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