Controversy Erupts in IPL 2024 Match: Kohli Furious Over Dismissal

In cricket, sometimes the decisions made by umpires can cause a lot of discussion. That’s what happened during a match between Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) at the Eden Gardens. The game was going on, and everything seemed normal until a controversial moment involving Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli Angry

KKR Sets a High Target

At the start of the match, KKR won the toss and chose to bat. They played really well and managed to score a big total of 222 runs in 20 overs. Phil Salt and Shreyas Iyer played outstanding innings, which helped KKR achieve this score.

RCB’s Chase Begins

When RCB came to bat, things looked promising in the beginning. They were going strong in the first couple of overs of their chase. But then, something unexpected happened.

The Controversial Dismissal

In the third over of RCB’s innings, Harshit Rana, the KKR bowler, bowled a slower full-toss to Kohli. The ball seemed to dip towards Kohli, surprising him. Kohli tried to play the ball, but he ended up edging it to the left of the bowler. Rana quickly ran to catch the ball, and the on-field umpire signaled that Kohli was out.

Kohli Furious Over Dismissal


Kohli, not convinced with the decision, asked for a review from the TV umpire, Michael Gough. He thought it was a no-ball, which means the delivery was not legal. However, after checking the replay using the Decision Review System (DRS), it was confirmed that the ball was just below waist height, which is considered a fair delivery.

Kohli’s Reaction

Kohli was very upset with this decision. He argued with the umpires on the field and even expressed his frustration while sitting in the dressing room. It was clear that he was not happy with the outcome.

The Aftermath

This incident created a lot of buzz on social media. Cricket fans were divided in their opinions about whether the decision was right or wrong. But one thing was for sure: Kohli’s reaction showed just how passionate he is about the game.


In cricket, controversies like these are not uncommon. Umpires have a tough job, and sometimes their decisions can be questioned. However, it’s all part of the game, and it adds to the excitement and drama that cricket fans love.

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