Ryan Smith NBA: Utah Jazz Owner and Business Titan

In the world of NBA basketball, where dreams come true, one name stands out: Ryan Smith. He’s 45 years old and owns the Utah Jazz, making him one of the youngest NBA team owners ever. But Ryan Smith’s story goes beyond basketball. He’s a successful businessman and a billionaire.

Ryan Smith: A Visionary Businessman Ryan Smith isn’t just a basketball fan; he’s a big-shot businessman. He’s in charge of Qualtrics, a company in Utah that deals with experiences. He’s made Qualtrics very successful.

People all over the world know Ryan Smith for his business skills. In 2016, Fortune magazine said he was one of the top 40 young business leaders globally. They put him on their “40 Under 40” list, which is for the best young business leaders in the world.

Who is Utah Jazz owner Ryan Smith?

A Sports Enthusiast Ryan Smith isn’t only into business. He owns part of two sports teams, not just one. He’s the big boss at the Utah Jazz in the NBA, and he also has a piece of Real Salt Lake, a famous soccer team.

In 2020, Ryan Smith did something big. He bought the Utah Jazz from the Miller family for a whopping $1.66 billion. The NBA said yes to this deal in December 2020. He didn’t stop there. In 2022, he and David Blitzer joined forces to get Real Salt Lake.

The Early Days Ryan Smith was born in Eugene, Oregon. His parents are smart and successful too. His dad, Scott M. Smith, helped create Qualtrics. His mom, Nancy Smith Hill, is smart too, with a Ph.D. in information systems. Ryan is a family guy. He’s married to Ashley Smith, and they have five kids.

Big Money Forbes, the folks who know about money, said Ryan Smith’s worth was $1.6 billion in September 2021. He and his family are big parts of Provo, Utah, where Qualtrics is based.

Ryan Smith soccer club in MLS

Soccer Love Ryan Smith doesn’t only love basketball. He’s also into Major League Soccer (MLS). He owns Real Salt Lake with David Seltzer and basketball legend Dwyane Wade. Ryan Smith really cares about the community and Utah, saying, “We love what RSL brings to this community.”

The Future The Utah Jazz is getting better with young stars like Lauri Markannen. With Ryan Smith in charge, the future looks bright for the team and the community.

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In summary, Ryan Smith isn’t just a basketball team owner. He’s a successful businessman, a loving family man, and a sports fan. His journey from a young fan to an NBA owner shows his dedication and belief in community and sports. Ryan Smith’s story is inspiring and continues to make an impact in the world of basketball and beyond.

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