Most Goals for Al Nassr Club in History – Top Goal Scorer for Al Nassr All Time

Most Goals for Al Nassr Club in History: Al-Nassr Football Club, one of Saudi Arabia’s most storied football institutions, has seen its fair share of talented players grace its ranks over the years. Among the key contributors to the club’s successes are its top goal scorers, individuals who have left an indelible mark on the team’s history. In this article, we delve into the profiles of some of the leading goal scorers who have made Al-Nassr proud with their exceptional goal-scoring prowess.

Most Goals for Al Nassr – Top Goal Scorer for Al Nassr

#PlayerNationTotal GoalsAppearances
1Mohammed Al-SahlawiSaudi Arabia125262
2Abderrazak HamdallahMorocco112109
3Saad Al-HarthiSaudi Arabia46126
5Hassan Al-RahebSaudi Arabia38122
6Yahya Al-ShehriSaudi Arabia32212


Top 7 Goal Scorer for Al Nassr Club

7. Giuliano:

    • Nation: Brazil
    • Total Goals: 31
    • Appearances: 78



Giuliano’s 31 goals in 78 appearances encapsulate his impact as a dynamic attacking presence. His ability to find the net and create opportunities for his teammates made him an integral part of Al-Nassr’s forward line. Giuliano’s legacy is one of skill, determination, and a commitment to the team’s success.

6. Yahya Al-Shehri:

    • Nation: Saudi Arabia
    • Total Goals: 32
    • Appearances: 212

Al-Shehri’s 32 goals in 212 appearances reflect his longevity with the club and his role in Al-Nassr’s attacking lineup. His versatility and commitment to the team’s success made him a valued asset, and his goal-scoring contributions played a part in shaping the club’s recent history.

5. Hassan Al-Raheb:

    • Nation: Saudi Arabia
    • Total Goals: 38
    • Appearances: 122
    • Al-Raheb’s 38 goals in 122 appearances highlight his contributions as a reliable goal scorer during his time at Al-Nassr. Although retired, his presence in the club’s history is a testament to his dedication and impact as a forward who consistently found the back of the net.

4. Talisca:

      • Nation: Brazil
      • Total Goals: 44
      • Appearances: 65


The Brazilian sensation Talisca brought flair and creativity to Al-Nassr’s attacking play. His 44 goals in 65 appearances showcase his ability to impact matches with his skill and goal-scoring acumen. Talisca’s time at the club was marked by memorable goals and moments that endeared him to the fanbase.

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3. Saad Al-Harthi:

      • Nation: Saudi Arabia
      • Total Goals: 46
      • Appearances: 126

Al-Harthi’s contribution to Al-Nassr’s goal tally is marked by his dedication and consistency. His 46 goals in 126 appearances reflect his role as a dependable scorer for the team. Despite his retirement, Al-Harthi’s legacy continues to resonate with fans who remember his goal-scoring prowess.

2. Abderrazak Hamdallah:

    • Nation: Morocco
    • Total Goals: 112
    • Appearances: 109
    • Hamdallah’s prolific goal-scoring exploits have made him a household name among Al-Nassr fans. With an impressive 112 goals in just 109 appearances, he showcased his exceptional ability to convert chances into goals. His natural talent and clinical finishing have solidified his position as one of the club’s all-time greats.

1. Mohammed Al-Sahlawi:

      • Nation: Saudi Arabia
      • Total Goals: 125
      • Appearances: 262


Known for his incredible goal-scoring consistency, Al-Sahlawi is a revered figure in Saudi Arabian football. His 125 goals in 262 appearances for Al-Nassr showcase his ability to find the net with remarkable frequency. A true club legend, Al-Sahlawi’s contributions have left an indelible mark on the team’s history.


Al-Nassr Football Club’s legacy is intricately tied to its top goal scorers who have set the pitch ablaze with their remarkable performances. The likes of Mohammed Al-Sahlawi, Talisca, Giuliano, and Abderrazak Hamdallah have etched their names in the annals of the club’s history through their goal-scoring exploits. These players not only elevated the team’s performance but also left an enduring impact on the hearts of fans, ensuring that their contributions will be celebrated for generations to come.

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