How many teams qualify from Serie B?

Hey there, football fans! If you’re into Italian football or just curious about how many teams from Serie B get the chance to play in Serie A, you’ve come to the right place. Serie B, also known as the second division in Italy, is a super exciting league, and making it to Serie A is like hitting a football jackpot. So, let’s kick things off and find out how it all works!

Serie B

Okay, before we jump into the main game, let’s get the basics right. Serie B is like the junior version of Serie A. It’s got 20 teams battling it out for glory. These clubs want two things: either to get promoted to Serie A or to avoid getting kicked down to Serie C. It’s like a football drama series you can’t stop watching.

Format and Structure

Now, let’s talk about how they play the game in Serie B. There are two big parts: the regular season and the promotion playoffs.

Regular Season

The regular season is like the first half of a match. Each of the 20 teams plays 38 matches in total. They face every other team twice, once on their home ground and once on the opponent’s turf. They get points for winning and drawing. The team with the most points at the end becomes the Serie B champ. But here’s the twist – not everyone’s aiming for that trophy.

Promotion Playoffs

For some teams, the real action starts after the regular season. The top eight teams in the standings after the regular season move on to the promotion playoffs. This is where the real showdown begins, and it decides which teams get promoted to Serie A.

Qualification for Serie A

Now, let’s talk about the big question – how many teams get to make it to Serie A from Serie B.

Automatic Promotion

The easiest way to reach Serie A is by automatic promotion. The top two teams in Serie B at the end of the regular season get a direct ticket to Serie A. It’s like winning a golden pass to a football paradise.

Playoff Winners

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Teams that finish between 3rd and 8th place in the regular season enter the playoffs. They battle it out fiercely, and the winner of these playoffs also gets a chance to play in Serie A. So, in total, three teams can qualify for Serie A through the playoffs.


Now, let’s talk about the other side of the story – relegation.

Direct Relegation

The teams that finish at the bottom of the Serie B table – in 19th and 20th place – face direct relegation to Serie C. It’s like getting knocked out of a tournament without a second chance.

Playoff for Relegation

But even for teams that manage to escape the bottom two spots, there’s no guarantee of safety. The clubs that finish in 17th to 18th place also enter a playoff. The loser of this playoff faces the dreaded drop to Serie C. It’s a high-pressure situation, like a penalty shootout to avoid going down.

Historical Data

Now, let’s take a trip down memory lane and see how things have changed over the years.

Changes Over the Years

Serie B hasn’t always been the way it is today. In the past, they had different rules and setups. Sometimes, more than three teams could make it to Serie A through the playoffs. So, it’s like the league has had its own share of plot twists and surprises.

Notable Teams and Seasons

Serie B has seen some legendary Italian clubs spending time in the second division. Some of them have had incredible seasons and unforgettable promotion battles. These stories add to the charm of Serie B, making it a league full of history and drama.

Alright, we’ve come to the final whistle. In a nutshell, three teams qualify for Serie A from Serie B: the top two teams after the regular season and the winner of the promotion playoffs. On the flip side, two teams go down directly to Serie C, and one more team faces the danger of relegation through a playoff. Serie B is a football rollercoaster with a thrilling ride to Serie A for the ambitious clubs.

Serie B Standings, Points Table 2023-24


1. Is Serie B as tough as Serie A?

  • Absolutely! Serie B is incredibly competitive, with teams giving it their all to reach Serie A. It’s like a fierce battle every season.

2. How often do teams go up and down between Serie A and Serie B?

  • Teams frequently move between Serie A and Serie B due to promotion and relegation. It’s like a football dance where clubs keep changing partners.

3. Can you name any famous clubs that started in Serie B?

  • Sure! Juventus and Napoli are two big Italian clubs that spent time in Serie B before hitting the big time in Serie A.

4. How does Serie B compare to other second-tier leagues in Europe?

  • Serie B is right up there among Europe’s top second-tier leagues. It’s known for its intensity and the opportunity for clubs to make it to Serie A.

5. Can a Serie B team survive in Serie A?

  • It’s challenging, but teams promoted from Serie B have shown they can hold their own in Serie A. Success often depends on a team’s strength, resources, and strategy. It’s like moving from a smaller stage to a bigger one in the same theater.
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