Watch Shaheen Afridi’s Unplayable Delivery Leaves Rohit Sharma Stunned – Cricket Fans React!

In the thrilling IND vs PAK match, cricket fans on Twitter were buzzing with excitement as Rohit Sharma, the Indian cricket team’s opener, was left awestruck by an incredible delivery from the Pakistani fast bowler, Shaheen Afridi. Shaheen Afridi, known for his exceptional pace and skill, once again proved his prowess against top-notch opponents.

The Asia Cup clash between India and Pakistan began with India opting to bat after winning the toss. However, India soon found themselves in a challenging situation, losing key batsmen Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli with just 30 runs on the board by the end of the seventh over. The man responsible for this early damage was none other than Shaheen Afridi, who wreaked havoc with the new ball. Among his remarkable feats, the delivery that dismissed Rohit Sharma stood out and set social media abuzz.

During the fifth over of the innings, Shaheen Afridi delivered two outswinging deliveries to Rohit Sharma, setting up the Indian opener beautifully. He then concluded the over with a masterstroke—a deadly inswinging delivery that caught Rohit off guard. Rohit misjudged the movement of the ball, and to everyone’s amazement, the Kookaburra ball sneaked past his defense, shattering his off-stump in the process. This stunning delivery forced the Indian skipper to make the long walk back to the pavilion, all thanks to the brilliance of the Pakistani pacer.

Watch Shaheen Afridi’s Unplayable Delivery Video

In summary, it was an unforgettable moment in the match, with cricket enthusiasts and fans across social media platforms lauding Shaheen Afridi for his exceptional bowling skills and Rohit Sharma’s sportsmanship in acknowledging the brilliance of the delivery.

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