Sri Lanka’s Lowest Odi Score in Cricket

Cricket fans love to see their favorite teams in action, but sometimes the game doesn’t go as planned. Sri Lanka, a cricket-loving nation, has faced its share of tough times, especially when it comes to scoring runs in One Day International (ODI) matches. Let’s take a look at some of Sri Lanka’s lowest ODI scores, where they struggled to put runs on the board.

Below is a table showing Sri Lanka’s lowest ODI scores along with the opponent and the year:

Lowest ScoresOpponentYear
43South Africa2012
55West Indies1986
  1. 43 vs South Africa, Paarl, 2012

In 2012, Sri Lanka’s ODI team faced South Africa and could only manage to score 43 runs. South Africa’s bowlers were in top form, making it incredibly tough for Sri Lanka to build a solid innings.

  1. 50 vs India, Colombo RPS, 2023

In 2023, Sri Lanka played against India and scored just 50 runs. India’s bowlers, especially Jasprit Bumrah, gave Sri Lanka a hard time, and it was a challenging day for the home team.

  1. 55 vs India, Mumbai WS, 2023

The same year, Sri Lanka faced India again, but this time in Mumbai. Sri Lanka struggled once more and scored only 55 runs. Indian bowlers showed their dominance and made life difficult for the Sri Lankan batsmen.

  1. 55 vs West Indies, Sharjah, 1986

Back in 1986, Sri Lanka played the West Indies in Sharjah and could only muster 55 runs. This match highlighted the difficulties Sri Lanka had to endure during its early years in ODI cricket.

  1. 67 vs England, Manchester, 2014

In 2014, Sri Lanka faced England in Manchester and scored just 67 runs. England’s pace bowlers, led by James Anderson and Stuart Broad, caused problems for the Sri Lankan batting order.

  1. 73 vs India, Trivandrum, 2023

In the same year, Sri Lanka played India once more, this time in Trivandrum, and struggled again, managing just 73 runs. It was a reminder of the challenges Sri Lanka faces when taking on a strong Indian side.


These lowest ODI scores remind us of the tough times Sri Lanka has faced in international cricket. While they’ve achieved many successes, these low scores show the challenges they’ve encountered. It’s essential to remember these moments while also celebrating Sri Lanka’s achievements in the world of cricket. These experiences have helped the team learn and grow in a sport that’s both challenging and rewarding.

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