Watch Sensational Hat-Trick by Shabnim Ismail Ignites Twitter Frenzy in The Hundred’s Welsh Fire Victory

Renowned as one of the premier fast bowlers in international cricket, Shabnim Ismail consistently underscores her prowess through standout displays in various leagues. The latest spectacle unfolded in The Hundred, where Ismail etched another memorable moment by securing a hat-trick, ultimately defending a slender lead of eight runs from the last five deliveries.

The ongoing season of The Women’s Hundred has witnessed a series of riveting contests that have often been decided on the final ball. In a recent clash between Welsh Fire and Birmingham Phoenix, the latter triumphed by a razor-thin margin of three runs. The linchpin behind this victory was Shabnim Ismail, who delivered a decisive hat-trick in the final over, safeguarding her team’s narrow eight-run advantage. Ismail’s heroics swiftly garnered significant attention on various social media platforms.

During the 98th over of the innings, Ismail confronted Tess Flintoff, who attempted a flick while adjusting across the stumps. The delivery, skillfully threading the bat-pad gap, resulted in Flintoff’s dismissal. Following this, Ismail continued her onslaught by removing Erin Burns and Issy Wong on consecutive deliveries, securing a triumphant hat-trick and propelling Welsh Fire to a three-run victory.

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Twitter users were quick to acknowledge the sensational feat, sharing their fervent reactions across the platform.

Watch Shabnim Ismail’s Sensational Hat-Trick Video

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