Watch Rinku Sing’s Hat-trick Sixes in Super Over, Twitter Applause with Unforgettable Sixes Display

Pulling off a feat once might be considered luck, but when an athlete achieves the extraordinary more than once, it’s a testament to their exceptional skill and composure under pressure. Rinku Singh left everyone astonished yet again on Friday as he replicated his career-defining performance from the IPL, smashing three consecutive sixes in a Super Over showdown.

The debut edition of the Uttar Pradesh T20 tournament showcased a lineup of familiar names like Mohsin Khan, Karan Sharma, and Dhruv Jurel, but it was Rinku Singh who truly stole the spotlight. Playing for the Meerut Mavericks, the explosive batsman created waves in Kanpur with his astounding power-hitting, propelling his team to a thrilling victory against the Kashi Rudras and adding more weight to his IPL reputation.

The 25-year-old faced a bit of a struggle during the regular phase of the game, managing a slow 15 runs off 22 balls. The match reached a tie, leading to a power-packed Super Over, where Rinku’s heroics unfolded. Starting off on a shaky note, Rinku didn’t let that deter him. Left-arm spinner Shiva Singh bowled a ball in the perfect spot, and Rinku seized the opportunity, launching the ball over long-off for a massive six. Singh’s next delivery turned into a full toss on the pads, and Rinku elegantly flicked it towards square leg for another powerful six. With the bowler under pressure, Singh sent a slow, wide, back-of-length delivery, and Rinku responded with a colossal hit over his head, bringing the innings to a heroic close.

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This sequence of events mirrored Rinku’s remarkable performance in the latest IPL season, where he gained global recognition by smashing five consecutive sixes against the Gujarat Titans, leading his team to an unlikely victory by chasing down 28 runs in the final over. With Rinku having already made his debut for India, cricket enthusiasts on Twitter couldn’t help but hail him as the next big sensation in Indian cricket. Social media platforms overflowed with praises and excitement for the talented batter.

Watch Rinku Sing’s Hat-trick Sixes in Super Over

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