Top 4 Highest totals against Pakistan in World Cup

In the grandest stage of them all, the Cricket World Cup, Pakistan has been both a powerhouse and an underdog. The tournament has seen thrilling battles and historic moments. But, there have been instances when Pakistan’s bowlers faced daunting challenges, and the opposition teams piled on massive runs. Let’s delve into the highest team totals posted against Pakistan in World Cup history.

Highest totals against Pakistan in World Cup

New ZealandBengaluruToday*401/6
Sri LankaHyderabad2023344/9


Most Runs Against Team Pakistan in World Cup History

New Zealand’s Day to Remember (Today):* In a recent match in Bengaluru, New Zealand etched their name in the annals of World Cup history by scoring a colossal 401/6. This extraordinary feat occurred today, marking a monumental achievement in the tournament.

Australia’s Bengaluru Blitz (2023): In another match at Bengaluru, during the 2023 World Cup, Australia amassed an impressive 367/9 against Pakistan. The Australian batsmen showcased their batting might in this high-scoring contest.

Sri Lanka’s Hyderabad Heroics (2023): The 2023 World Cup witnessed yet another remarkable performance when Sri Lanka posted 344/9 against Pakistan in Hyderabad. The Lankan Lions exhibited their batting prowess on that day.

India’s Dominance in Manchester (2019): During the 2019 World Cup in Manchester, India registered a formidable total of 336/5 against Pakistan. The match featured impressive performances by Indian stalwarts such as Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli.

These high-scoring matches highlight the competitive nature of the World Cup and the formidable challenges that Pakistan has encountered over the years. The cricketing world continues to evolve, and new records are set in each edition of the tournament. As we look forward to future World Cups, it will be fascinating to see whether more teams can join the elite list of those who have posted monumental scores against Pakistan.

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