Most Runs Conceded by Teams in ODI World Cup 2023

The ODI World Cup 2023 was a rollercoaster of cricket excitement, filled with amazing moments and standout individual performances. However, like any tournament, some teams struggled to keep a lid on the runs. In this article, we’ll break down the numbers to see which teams conceded the most runs in the ODI World Cup 2023.

Most Runs Conceded by Teams in ODI World Cup 2023

RankTeamRuns Conceded
3Sri Lanka2459
7New Zealand2279
9South Africa2158

Teams With Most Runs Conceded in ODI World Cup 2023

India – 1708 Runs

Starting from the bottom, India surprisingly finds itself in the tenth position, having allowed 1708 runs. Even with their strong bowling lineup, the Indian team faced challenges in keeping opposition batsmen in check.

South Africa – 2158 Runs

South Africa, with its rich cricketing history, takes the ninth spot, conceding a total of 2158 runs. The Proteas had to work hard against tough competition, striving to limit opposition teams from reaching big totals.

Afghanistan – 2176 Runs

Afghanistan, a rising force in international cricket, holds the eighth position with 2176 runs conceded. Despite showcasing their batting and bowling capabilities, Afghan bowlers encountered formidable challenges in controlling the run rate.

New Zealand – 2279 Runs

New Zealand, known for its balanced approach to the game, finds itself in seventh place, conceding a total of 2279 runs. The Kiwi bowlers faced challenges, indicative of the intense competition in the tournament.

England – 2291 Runs

Defending champions England settle for the sixth spot by conceding 2291 runs. The English bowlers faced a tough task against strong opposition, and this position reflects the competitive nature of the tournament.

Australia – 2349 Runs

Cricket powerhouse Australia takes the fifth position, having conceded 2349 runs. Despite a formidable squad, the Australian bowlers struggled to contain the strong batting line-ups they faced during the tournament.

Bangladesh – 2431 Runs

Bangladesh, known for its rising cricket standards, occupies the fourth position by conceding 2431 runs. While excelling in other areas, the Bangladeshi bowlers found it challenging to keep opposition run rates in check.

Sri Lanka – 2459 Runs

Sri Lanka, with its rich cricketing history, secures the third position by conceding 2459 runs. The island nation faced tough competition, and their bowlers had to put in extra effort against some of the best batsmen in the world.

Netherlands – 2549 Runs

The Netherlands, known for their cricketing spirit, finds itself in the second position with 2549 runs conceded. Despite their best efforts, the Dutch bowlers faced difficulties in containing opposition batsmen.

Pakistan – 2607 Runs

At the top of the list is Pakistan, leading with 2607 runs conceded. While showcasing their batting prowess, the Pakistani bowling unit faced challenges, resulting in a high number of runs conceded.

Most Runs Conceded by a Bowler in World Cup 


As we reflect on the ODI World Cup 2023, these statistics on runs conceded provide valuable insights into the challenges faced by teams in the bowling department. Teams can use this data to learn and strategize for future international cricket events, emphasizing the unpredictable nature of the sport.

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