Most Catches in a World Cup Match (Non-Wicketkeeper)

In cricket, fielding is a crucial aspect of the game. One of the most exciting moments is when a fielder takes a spectacular catch. In the history of the Cricket World Cup, there have been some incredible instances of fielders taking multiple catches in a single match, even if they are not wicketkeepers. Let’s look at some of the remarkable performances.

Most Catches in a World Cup Match

PlayerCatchesMatch YearVenue
Mohammad Kaif42003Johannesburg
Soumya Sarkar42015Nelson
Umar Akmal42015Adelaide
Chris Woakes42019Nottingham
Joe Root42023Delhi

Most Catches in a World Cup Match by Non Wicket Keeper

Mohammad Kaif (2003)

Mohammad Kaif

In the 2003 World Cup, Mohammad Kaif’s exceptional fielding skills were on full display. He took four catches in a match against Sri Lanka, helping India secure a crucial victory.

Soumya Sarkar (2015)

Soumya Sarkar

In the 2015 World Cup, Soumya Sarkar of Bangladesh amazed everyone with his fielding prowess. He held onto four catches against Scotland in Nelson.

Umar Akmal (2015)

Umar Akmal

During the same World Cup, Umar Akmal of Pakistan showed his fielding prowess against Ireland, taking four catches in Adelaide.

Chris Woakes (2019)

Chris Woakes

Chris Woakes, representing England in the 2019 World Cup, had a fantastic day against Pakistan in Nottingham. He grabbed four catches to put on an outstanding fielding display.

Joe Root (2023)

Joe Root

In the 2023 World Cup, Joe Root was the star for England. He took four catches against Afghanistan in Delhi, solidifying his reputation as a reliable fielder.

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These remarkable performances not only helped their respective teams but also added to the excitement of the World Cup matches. Fielding moments like these are etched in the memories of cricket fans around the world, showcasing the importance of athleticism and agility on the cricket field.

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