England’s Lowest 1st Innings Scores Against Sri Lanka

Cricket fans, get ready to step into the fascinating world of cricket history, where England and Sri Lanka have battled it out on the pitch. We’re going to explore those times when England faced some tough challenges and ended up with their lowest first innings (1st inns) scores against Sri Lanka. So, let’s dive into these remarkable moments.

England Cricket Team - England's Lowest 1st Innings Scores Against Sri Lanka
England’s Lowest 1st Innings Scores Against Sri Lanka


England vs Sri Lanka 88 at Dambulla, 2003

Imagine it’s November 21, 2003, and England is facing Sri Lanka in a One Day International (ODI) match at Dambulla. England’s batsmen had a tough day. They could only manage to score 88 runs in their first innings. Sri Lanka had no trouble chasing down this total, showing their strength at home.

England vs Sri Lanka 143 at Dambulla, 2001

Let’s rewind to March 25, 2001, another ODI at Dambulla. England faced a challenging Sri Lankan bowling attack and scored just 143 runs in their first innings. Sri Lanka showed their dominance in front of their home crowd by winning comfortably.

England vs Sri Lanka 156 at Bengaluru, 2023

Fast forward to a more recent encounter. On October 21, 2023, England met Sri Lanka in a T20 World Cup match at Bengaluru, India. England managed to post only 156 runs in their first innings. The Sri Lankan bowlers were tough competitors, but this time, England’s bowlers secured a thrilling win in a closely contested match.

England vs Sri Lanka 180 at Moratuwa, 1993

Now, let’s take a step back to January 19, 1993, in Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. In another ODI, England scored 180 runs in their first innings. Sri Lanka successfully chased down this total, taking home the victory.

Lowest all-out total for England in WC in this century

These moments remind us that cricket can be full of surprises. Even strong teams like England can face challenges when they meet a determined Sri Lankan side. These low scores may not always lead to losses, but they certainly add to the drama and excitement of cricket matches between these two nations.

For more cricket statistics and memorable matches, stay tuned to cricket archives and keep an eye on upcoming fixtures. Cricket never ceases to amaze us with its twists and turns!

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