Watch: MS Dhoni’s Bike Collection Leaves Fans and Venkatesh Prasad in Awe, Sparks Twitter Reactions

Fans and Venkatesh Prasad were absolutely amazed by MS Dhoni’s incredible bike collection, and the Twitterverse couldn’t contain its excitement. It’s no secret that Dhoni has a deep passion for automobiles, and he recently showcased his love for cars and bikes during a conversation with Venkatesh Prasad. The former Indian skipper left Prasad completely bedazzled by the sheer scale of his collection.

Dhoni’s fascination with cars and bikes is well-known within the cricketing community, and he often discusses them on public platforms. While he has been spotted riding his luxury vehicles on numerous occasions, this time fans were treated to a true glimpse of Dhoni’s extensive collection. Prasad took to social media to share a video of the multi-storeyed garage on Dhoni’s estate, which was filled to the brim with bikes of all kinds. A few high-end cars were also parked around, adding to the jaw-dropping display.

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Prasad couldn’t help but express his astonishment as he explored the garage, repeatedly emphasizing the incredible passion required to patiently amass such a collection. He even went as far as playfully calling Dhoni ‘crazy’ for his unwavering love for automobiles. The video also showcased Dhoni’s playful side as he engaged in banter with his wife. He mentioned how the garage could have been even larger if it weren’t for the badminton court in their home, which was built upon Sakshi Dhoni’s request.

Twitter users were left dumbfounded by the staggering number of vehicles on display and took to social media to express their awe and admiration. Dhoni’s collection truly left everyone in awe, solidifying his reputation as a passionate automobile enthusiast.

Watch MS Dhoni’s Astounding Bike Collection Video

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