Most Wickets in Asia Cup History – Bowlers with Most Wickets in Asia Cup

The Asia Cup is a cricket tournament that happens every two years. It’s like a big competition for Asian cricket teams. In this tournament, some bowlers have done really well and made a strong impact. This table shows these special bowlers who have done great in the Asia Cup. They are good at getting batsmen out even when the game is tough. They have helped their teams a lot to win.

The table has information about how many wickets these bowlers have taken, how many matches they played, and how well they did on average. This helps us see how important they are in the Asia Cup. Let’s look at these bowlers and see how they have made the Asia Cup exciting and memorable.

Top 15 Bowlers with Most Wickets in Asia Cup History

M Muralidaran (SL)1995-201024241382230.213865305/31
SL Malinga (SL)2004-20181414769128.16596295/34
BAW Mendis (SL)2008-20148840868.05271266/13
Saeed Ajmal (PAK)2008-20141212690115.06485253/26
WPUJC Vaas (SL)1995-20081919914152.220639233/30
IK Pathan (IND)2004-20121212655109.11605224/32
ST Jayasuriya (SL)1990-20082521893148.52667224/49
Abdur Razzak (BAN)2004-201418181022170.210796223/17
RA Jadeja (IND)2010-20181414697116.14505194/29
Shakib Al Hasan2010-20181313766127.45622194/42
Mashrafe Mortaza2008-20181919915152.37868182/25
Abdul Qadir (PAK)1984-19888841669.28251173/15
SR Tendulkar (IND)1990-2012231545876.2364173/21
Wasim Akram (PAK)1986-2000121255392.18297164/19
Abdul Razzaq (PAK)2000-2010111145275.25323164/29


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