Most Sixes Hit in a World Cup Match

Cricket is a game loved by many for its exciting moments, and one of the most thrilling sights is when a batsman smacks the ball out of the stadium for a maximum – a six! In this article, we’re going to explore some of the most exciting World Cup matches where batsmen hit the most sixes. These moments of sheer power and skill have left cricket fans in awe.

Most Sixes Hit in a World Cup Match

Match Details Year Teams Venue Sixes
ENG vs AFG, Manchester 2019 England vs Afghanistan Manchester 33
AUS vs NZ, Dharamsala 2023 Australia vs New Zealand Dharamsala 32
NZ vs WI, Wellington 2015 New Zealand vs West Indies Wellington 31
SA vs SL, Delhi 2023 South Africa vs Sri Lanka Delhi 31
AUS vs PAK, Bengaluru 2023 Australia vs Pakistan Bengaluru 25


Top 5 Matches with Most Sixes Hit in a World Cup


ENG vs AFG, Manchester, 2019 – 33 Sixes:

The 2019 World Cup match between England and Afghanistan set the cricketing world on fire with a remarkable 33 sixes. Both teams displayed incredible power-hitting skills, making it a memorable match that showcased the new era of aggressive cricket.

AUS vs NZ, Dharamsala, 2023 – 32 Sixes:

In the 2023 World Cup, Australia and New Zealand put on a show in Dharamsala with 32 sixes. It was a battle of the giants, featuring players like Aaron Finch and Kane Williamson, and it highlighted the evolution of power hitting in the game.

NZ vs WI, Wellington, 2015 – 31 Sixes:

The 2015 World Cup match between New Zealand and the West Indies in Wellington was a breathtaking contest, with 31 sixes in total. The Kiwis’ victory was a testament to their incredible power cricket.

SA vs SL, Delhi, 2023 – 31 Sixes:

The 2023 World Cup witnessed another thrilling contest in Delhi, where South Africa faced Sri Lanka, and they combined for a remarkable 31 sixes. Players like AB de Villiers and Kusal Perera showcased their explosive batting talent in a match that left fans in awe.

AUS vs PAK, Bengaluru, 2023 – 25 Sixes:

In the same 2023 World Cup, the match between Australia and Pakistan in Bengaluru featured 25 sixes. The contest was filled with moments of incredible power-hitting, offering fans a roller-coaster ride of emotions.

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Cricket has come a long way, with power hitting becoming an essential part of the game. These World Cup matches with a high number of sixes exemplify the evolution of cricket, where batsmen not only score runs but also entertain fans with a flurry of sixes. As cricket continues to evolve, fans can eagerly anticipate more moments of incredible power hitting, and the game will continue to provide excitement and thrills for fans worldwide.

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