Fast Bowler Mohammed Shami Receives Marriage Proposal from Actress Payal Ghosh

Indian actress Payal Ghosh has made a marriage proposal to Indian fast bowler Mohammed Shami, who has been impressing everyone with his performance in the 2023 World Cup. Shami has taken 16 wickets in just four matches, making him India’s highest wicket-taker in the tournament. However, he is also facing personal challenges due to an ongoing domestic violence case with his ex-wife.

Actress Payal Ghosh expressed her willingness to become Shami’s second wife in a tweet posted after India’s match against Sri Lanka on November 2. She was impressed by Shami’s performance, especially his five-wicket haul against Sri Lanka. In a playful manner, she tweeted, “Shami Tum apna English sudharlo, I’m ready to marry you” (Shami, improve your English, I’m ready to marry you). However, some netizens responded by saying that she may not be eligible for him.

Mohammed Shami Receives Marriage Proposal from Actress Payal Ghosh

Who is Payal Ghosh?

Payal Ghosh

Payal Ghosh is an actress from Kolkata who started her film career in 2008 with an English film called “Sharpe’s Peril.” She later played supporting roles in Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi films. Her significant role came in the 2017 Hindi movie “Patel ki Punjabi Shadi,” where she shared the screen with Paresh Rawal and Rishi Kapoor. Besides acting, she has also entered politics.

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Mohammed Shami’s first marriage with Haseen Jahan, a divorcee and model, took place in June 2014. They initially seemed to have a happy life and had a daughter in 2015. However, in 2018, their relationship became strained when Haseen Jahan accused Shami and his family of domestic violence and extramarital affairs. This led to legal action, including appeals for an arrest warrant against Shami.

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