Watch Sensational Swing: Lauren Bell’s Spellbinding Delivery Sparks Comparisons to James Anderson

Gone might be the days of the renowned King of Swing, James Anderson, but English cricket enthusiasts have found a new source of excitement in Lauren Bell. The talented pacer stole the spotlight on a recent Tuesday when she sent down a jaw-dropping delivery that left spectators in awe and dismissed Grace Harris in a truly remarkable manner.

The Southern Brave Women continued to shine at Lord’s in The Hundred tournament, efficiently chasing down a target of 105 runs against the London Spirit. The match was played with 85 deliveries per side due to certain constraints. Although Maia Bouchier’s unbeaten 63 played a pivotal role in the team’s victory, it was Lauren Bell’s incredible delivery that set the tone for Brave’s success – a moment sure to be remembered in cricket highlights for years to come.

During her opening spell, the right-arm quick bowler had Grace Harris facing her fifth delivery. Bell sent the ball wide of the off stump from over the wicket. This crafty approach enticed the Australian batter into a confident drive, as she stepped forward with determination. However, what followed was nothing short of astonishing. The Kookaburra ball swung sharply, deviating significantly from its path outside the stumps. It managed to evade the inner edge of Harris’ bat and crashed into the top of the middle stump.

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Naturally, Bell was brimming with elation after her exceptional feat on the field. Twitter users were swift to draw parallels between her swinging delivery and the feats of the legendary English cricketer, James Anderson, praising the remarkable amount of swing that Bell had generated to secure the wicket.

The extraordinary delivery left quite an impression, leaving fans and cricket enthusiasts astounded by Bell’s skill and the sheer excitement it brought to the game.

Watch Lauren Bell’s Spellbinding Delivery Video

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