Watch: Heated Class Hasan Ali’s Verbal Spat with Umpire Rocks LPL 2023 Match

In an event that unfolded during the Dambulla Aura versus Colombo Strikers Lanka Premier League (LPL) 2023 match, Pakistan’s pace bowler Hasan Ali found himself in a heated verbal dispute with an umpire on August 5.

The incident occurred during the 17th over of the second innings, where Ali had just conceded a boundary to Nuwanidu Fernando. Just before his next delivery, Hasan Ali was visibly caught up in a passionate exchange with the umpire.

As the exchange escalated, there was physical contact between the official and the Pakistani cricketer, further intensifying Ali’s emotions. Consequently, Hasan Ali was handed a demerit point and a fine amounting to 15 percent of his match fees. The disciplinary actions were taken due to his involvement in the heated argument with the umpire.

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This incident sheds light on the heated moments that can sometimes arise on the cricket field, underscoring the importance of maintaining sportsmanship and respect among players and officials alike.

Watch Hasan Ali’s Verbal Spat with Umpire Video

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