Top 12 Most Hot, Smart, Handsome Cricketers in The World 2022

Cricket is a game that was popularized by the British during the colonial period. Now everyone loves it, cricket is played in every other street in India, and the sport now stands for international peace.

The game was not very popular in those days. But new formats like ODI and most entertaining T20 have made this game extremely popular.

Apart from the new formats, what made the game so popular abroad, all over the world? Most of the girls do not follow sports. Not cricket, and how can they not follow cricket when guys like Virat Kohli, Pete Cummings and AB de Velers hotter than hell are on the field? Yes, these bold and surprising men play an important role in increasing the fan following of this game.

And now you must be thinking ‘Who is the most handsome cricketer in the world?’ If yes, then stop wondering and take a look

List of 12 most Handsome, Smart Cricketers in the World

(Everyone has different opinion. This article is purely based on suggestions from some cricket fans. Please don’t get offended)

12. Steve Smith (AUS)

Steve Smith (1)
Steve Smith is the former captain of the Australian cricket team and one of the most controversial players of his generation, but despite all this, his skills set him apart. He has been recognized by the ICC as one of the best batsmen in the world, if not the best. He has earned the nickname “the best since Bradman” because of his exceptionally high Test batting average.

Apart from her talent, He is also the desire of every woman in Australia. This modern Australian player knows how to win hearts and is admired by Indians as well for his exceptional performances in IPL. His flying boss with his own bat can make anyone’s day 3000 times more special. He had to be included in this list of top 10 most beautiful cricketers in the world.

11. Stuart Broad (ENG)

Stuart Christopher John Broad plays for the England Test cricket team and is a former England captain in ODIs and T20Is. He went on to have an illustrious cricket career and holds the record for the second highest Test score from No. 9 with an extraordinary score of 169. In August 2006, he was named the Cricket Writers’ Club Young Cricketer of the Year. ,

He is 34 years old but looks to be in his mid-20s. And despite age, he has managed to maintain his body and figure. He is a true example of “age is just a number”. He made it to the top 10 most handsome cricketers in the world.

10. Michael Clarke (AUS)

Mithchel Clarke
Michael Clarke is the former captain of the Australian national team. He took over the captaincy from Ricky Ponting and led his team to its 5th World Cup title in 2015 by defeating New Zealand in the final. He is regarded as one of the best batsmen of his generation.

After announcing his retirement from ODI cricket following the 2015 Cricket World Cup, Clarke scored 74 off 72 balls in the final against New Zealand to help Australia win their fifth World Cup title. New Zealand did better when they needed nine runs to win. His dismissal received a hearty applause from the healthy MCG crowd of 93,013.

He has a beautiful body and a smile that can conquer the world. Clarke broke the hearts of the whole world by marrying Kylie Boldy. If he doesn’t make it to the top 10 handsome cricketers in the world, women will start a petition against us.

9. Brett Lee (AUS)

Brett Lee (1)
Brett Lee is a former Australian cricketer and Fox Sports film star and commentator. So yeah, He had to be on this list. Lee was one of the best bowlers of his generation and took the second most wickets between 2002–2009 in the ODI format behind Mathias Muralitharan. He has 310 Test wickets and 380 ODI wickets to add to his tally.

He is known as one of the most stylish players around the world and has a rich list of cricketers. And has managed to do an excellent job of maintaining his looks as he ages. He deserves to be on this list as he is truly one of the top 10 most handsome cricketers in the world.

8. James Anderson (ENG)

James-anderson- (1)

Another name in the Greats book is James Anderson, a right arm fast swing bowler for the England national team. He holds the all-time record for most wickets at Test cricket level and the record for most wickets by an England player in One Day International (ODI) cricket. Anderson is the only fast bowler to take 600 or more Test wickets and is the fourth highest wicket-taker overall.

He has that X-factor about his face. Not only is his bowling improving with age, but he is also getting more handsome by the day. Such men are rare. David Beckham is a good example. His body and ravishing style certainly didn’t let him down. So he had to be included in the list of 10 most beautiful cricketers in the world.

7. Pat Cummings (AUS)

Pat Cumins Fb (1)
Pat became the costliest player of IPL 2020 with a record-breaking amount of Rs 15.5 crore, which was bagged by KKR.

In 2011, at the young age of 18, Cummings made his Test debut with the Australian national team. Unfortunately, he was ruled out of cricket due to injuries and made a spectacular comeback in 2017 with Australia. According to the ICC Player Rankings, Cummings was voted the best bowler in the world for two consecutive years, 2019 and 2020.

He is one of the most famous fast bowlers. His bowling is as good as his form. He has also participated in several photo shoots and looks like the perfect cast for a Hollywood movie. Women love him. He is certainly one of the top 10 most handsome cricketers in the world.

6. KL Rahul (IND)

KL rahul hairstyle
Kanwar Lokesh (KL) Rahul is a wicketkeeper-batsman for the Indian cricket team and captain of the Kings XI Punjab in the IPL. Rahul made his international debut in 2014 and scored his maiden Test century in his second Test match. And was the first Indian to score a century on ODI debut and the third Indian to score a century in all three international cricket formats. He became the first player to score a century for the United States against the West Indies.

Rahul is one of the most stylish cricketers. With trendy clothes, trendy haircut and that beard, he is truly a feast for the eyes. Like his colleague Kohli, he is also a favorite of the ladies. These tattoos definitely make him a top contender in the list of top 10 most handsome cricketers in the world.

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5. Kevin Pietersen (ENG)

5. Kevin Pietersen (eng)
Kevin Peter Pietersen is a cricket commentator and former England international. He is a right-handed batsman and occasional off-spinner who previously played for England in all three formats between 2005 and 2014, including a brief spell as captain.

Pietersen is one of the fastest batsmen to reach 1,000 runs in One Day International cricket and still holds the record for being the “fastest player to reach 2,000 runs in One Day International cricket”. He scored the most runs in his first 25 Tests after Australia’s Sir Don Bradman. He also holds the record for being the fastest player to score 4,000, 5,000 and 7,000 Test runs in days.

Although the media often reports him as a family man, he has the most prominent female fans internationally. With charming looks and suave personality, he is undoubtedly one of the top 10 most handsome cricketers in the world.

4. Alastair Cook (ENG)

Alister Cook
Alastair Cook is the former captain of the England men’s cricket team in all formats. He is a left-handed opening batsman and is one of the most prolific batsmen of the modern era and the fifth highest Test run-scorer. He is the most capped Test player for England.

The British are always surrounded by something that naturally draws you to them. A sweet and sexy English accent, a jawline sharper than Chats and of course the fact that he is a cricketer. With a height of 6’2″ and this nugget of a face, he quickly made it to our list of top 10 most handsome cricketers in the world.

3. Shahid Afridi (PAK)

Shahid Afridi

Boom Boom Afridi is the most popular cricketer Pakistan has ever produced. The 19-year-old has been a box office hit since his initial days owing to him unconventional style. Girls flocked to catch a glimpse of him and often carried banners in the stadium begging him to marry him.

Youngsters all over the world not only wanted to hit sixes like him but also wanted to copy his style and fashion sense off the field. Afridi ruled the field at a handsome height of 5’11 with light brown hair and a full beard. He has been a favorite for several brand endorsements throughout his career.

Dasher was at his lethal best in the shortest format of the game. He scored half-centuries in both the semi-finals and final of the 2009 T20 World Cup, helping Pakistan win the tournament. However, patience and coaching manuals had no place in his vocabulary.

2. Shane Watson (AUS)

2. Shane Watson (aus)

Shane Watson ruled the cricket world with his all-round performances throughout his career. His broad chest, shirtless physique and on-field aggression immediately intimidated the opposition. His obviously charming blue-eyed face and unique hairstyle filled the ladies with wonder. He still enjoys a huge fan base across the globe.

When it comes to the ICC Test bowling rankings, Watson has been the number one player for a record 150 weeks. His 185 from 96 balls against Bangladesh in 2011 is the highest ODI score by an Australian player. 6 feet tall Fazul Vito once made headlines by posing nude for a cricket photoshoot. After his social media account was hacked, Watson came under fire once again when pornographic photos of him surfaced on his Instagram account.

The handsome cricketer married the beautiful sports anchor Lee Furlong in 2010. Lee won the title of “No. 1 Cricketer WAG (Wife & Girlfriend)” in a poll.

1. Virat Kohli (India)

most handsome Cricketers in the world

Virat Kohli is an Indian legendary batsman, he has scored more than 70 centuries and holds many records. In addition to his records, he attracted attention for his charming and inspiring personality. He mesmerizes the fans with his looks.

India’s beloved captain Virat Kohli is one of the most popular cricketers in the world, if not the most popular. Women mostly comprise his fans. Indians worship him.

Virat Kohli has 200 + million followers, the second most followed Indian on Instagram, and is the most followed personality in India (22nd most followed in the world) . He also has around 40 million followers on Twitter.

Coming in at a whopping 5’9″ tall, Virat Kohli is one of the top contenders for most handsome cricketer in the world. And with that chiselled face and every boy’s dream beard, Kohli, undoubtedly, makes it to the top 10 most handsome cricketers in the world.

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