ILT20: Usman Khan’s Unforgettable Hit-Wicket Blunder Breaks Twitter

In a surprising turn of events during the ongoing ILT20 match between Gulf Giants and Abu Dhabi Knight Riders, Usman Khan’s blunder on the field became the talk of the town. Even at the elite level, silly mistakes can happen, and Usman’s incident left spectators amused and confused.

The Tight Contest

The match between Gulf Giants and Abu Dhabi Knight Riders was anticipated to be intense, with both teams having equal points. The game witnessed a see-saw battle in the first half, but one particular moment stole the spotlight.

Usman Khan’s Unusual Dismissal

On the fourth delivery of the 18th over, Andre Russell aimed for a wide yorker, but it ended up being a bit off-target. Usman Khan, the Emirati batter, adjusted his position on the back foot, going too deep into the crease. In a premeditated move, he had to stretch towards the ball at the last moment. Unfortunately, not aware of the proximity of the stumps, Usman ended up hitting the bails with his bat, resulting in a hit-wicket dismissal.


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Reactions on Twitter

While hit-wicket is a valid dismissal in cricket, Usman’s reckless action made it seem like a schoolboy error. It appeared as if he was not entirely certain about the cricketing rules. The Twitterverse couldn’t contain their amusement and quickly erupted into a frenzy over Usman Khan’s unique dismissal.


In summary, the ILT20 match provided not only intense cricketing moments but also a dose of unexpected humor thanks to Usman Khan’s unforgettable blunder on the field.

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