Bizarre Moments and Brilliance: Highlights from Sixers vs Strikers BBL Showdown

In a thrilling Big Bash League (BBL) match at the Sydney Cricket Ground, the Sydney Sixers secured their third consecutive win against the Adelaide Strikers. The match had its share of entertainment, with Jordan Silk’s crucial 66 and a last-ball thriller. However, the highlight came when the Strikers tried a sneaky run, leading to some schoolboy antics.

Close Encounter at the SCG

The Sydney Sixers, led by Silk’s impressive performance, managed to hold off a late charge from the Adelaide Strikers. Englishman Jamie Overton played a pivotal role, taking three wickets and showcasing some excellent batting in the closing stages of the game.

Sixers vs Strikers’ Sneaky Run Attempt Adds Comic Twist to BBL 2023 Clash

In the 19th over, James Bazley hit a delivery from Jackson Bird towards deep cover, aiming for a quick double. Bazley successfully reached the crease, but chaos ensued as wicket-keeper Josh Phillippe dislodged the bails after a precise throw. Adding to the confusion, Phillippe threw the ball towards the point fielder in the circle, who had turned his back to the pitch.

Seizing the opportunity, the Strikers duo attempted a third run amid protests from Phillippe and calls for the fielder to control the ball. To everyone’s surprise, the umpires intervened, declaring the ball dead once the bails were dislodged and the runners stood their ground. This decision forced the Strikers batters to switch ends.

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Twitter Reacts to the Chaos

The bizarre incident did not go unnoticed on social media, with Twitter users expressing disbelief at the gully cricket-like antics in Australia’s premier T20 competition. The incident became a source of amusement, and Twitterati quickly shared their reactions to the unconventional turn of events.


In summary, the BBL match provided both cricketing excitement and moments of hilarity, leaving fans and social media abuzz with discussions about the unexpected gully cricket attempt by the Strikers.

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