[Watch] England Openers Fooled by Rohit Sharma’s Mind Games

In the midst of a serious cricket match between India and England in Rajkot, a moment of light-hearted confusion brought laughter to both players and spectators alike. The incident involved England openers Ben Duckett and Zak Crawley, who found themselves sprinting towards the dressing room during a drinks break, mistakenly believing that India had declared.

Explosive Batting Display

Before the hilarious confusion ensued, the Indian batting lineup had been putting on a stellar performance. Yashasvi Jaiswal and Sarfaraz Khan were particularly impressive, building a formidable partnership that propelled India’s score to 412/4 after 97 overs. Jaiswal’s rapid double century and Khan’s consecutive fifties added to the excitement on the field.

The Confusion Unfolds

As the game progressed, a routine drinks break was called. However, amidst the flurry of activity on the field, confusion arose among the English players. With most of the Indian team dressed in white, Duckett and Crawley mistakenly believed that the drinks break signaled India’s declaration.

Rohit Sharma’s Mind Games


In a moment captured by the cameras, Rohit Sharma was seen gesturing towards someone on the field just before the drinks break. While his intentions were unclear, the gesture seemed to add to the confusion experienced by Duckett and Crawley.

Hilarity Ensues

The sight of Duckett and Crawley hurrying off the field towards the dressing room prompted amusement among both players and fans. England captain Ben Stokes, visibly frustrated, called them back onto the field, realizing the misunderstanding.

Twitter Reacts on Rohit Sharma’s Mind Games


The humorous incident quickly spread across social media, with Twitter users sharing their amusement at the unexpected turn of events. Memes and jokes flooded timelines as fans relished in the light-hearted moment amidst the intensity of the Test match.

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While cricket is a game known for its moments of tension and drama, it’s also these moments of lightheartedness that add to the charm of the sport. Rohit Sharma’s subtle gestures and the resulting confusion served as a reminder that even in the heat of competition, there’s room for laughter and fun on the cricket field.

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