Controversial Dismissal: Mohammad Kaif Slams Umpire’s Decision in Angelo Mathews’ Timed-Out Case

Mohammad Kaif has voiced his strong disagreement with the dismissal of Angelo Mathews in Sri Lanka’s 2023 World Cup match against Bangladesh. In the game, Mathews was declared ‘timed out’ without even facing a delivery, as Sri Lanka set Bangladesh a target of 280 runs in Delhi. Bangladesh ended up winning the match with three wickets and 53 deliveries to spare, moving up to the seventh position in the points table.

Mohammad Kaif Slams Umpire’s Decision in Angelo Mathews’ Timed-Out Case

During a review of the match on Star Sports, Kaif expressed his view that Mathews’ dismissal was a highly unfortunate incident. He elaborated on his perspective, saying, “I will say that it was an extremely shameful incident, whatever Shakib did. The rules might say anything. He came running in to bat. He didn’t have any intention to waste time or stop the game. He pulled the strap and it broke.”

Kaif also pointed out, “If you see the two minutes that are being shown, he had reached the crease 10 seconds before. He was standing there after one minute and 50 seconds. Yes, he did not take the guard. You can bat without taking guard, that is allowed. It is up to the batter.”

Angelo Mathews came in to bat after Sadeera Samarawickrama’s dismissal by Shakib Al Hasan. Although Mathews reached the crease in time, he accidentally broke his helmet strap while adjusting it and requested a replacement without seeking the umpires’ permission. It was after an appeal from the Bangladesh captain that he was declared ‘timed out.’

Mohammad Kaif strongly believes that the on-field umpires should not have entertained Shakib Al Hasan’s appeal. He expressed his opinion, saying, “There was no intention to cheat. I feel it was an extremely bad decision by the umpire, that he entertained Shakib’s appeal. (Najmul Hossain) Shanto was standing behind and was repeatedly egging him on. Shanto first spoke to the umpire and then Shakib appealed.”

Kaif also supported Angelo Mathews’ reaction to the situation, stating, “He (Mathews) was right in getting angry. There is a two-minute rule but the two minutes hadn’t elapsed. It was a wrong call from Shakib. You will micromanage every game now, that you should check the watch if someone’s laces get untied.”

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Shakib, in the post-match presentation, admitted that a fellow fielder had encouraged him to appeal. He explained that he told the umpires that he was serious about the appeal because he felt as though he was in a high-stakes situation similar to a war.

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