Watch Outrage on Twitter as Poor Outfield in Lucknow Almost Ends Liam Livingstone’s World Cup Journey

In the world of modern cricket, field conditions have come a long way from its humble beginnings. Providing pristine outfields has become a fundamental aspect of the sport. However, during the India-England clash in Lucknow, the poor outfield almost led to a severe injury for Liam Livingstone, a player in England’s squad.

England, facing a tough World Cup campaign, was determined to chase down the target set by the Indian team in this particular game. They made a strong start, except for the experienced batsman Rohit Sharma, as the top order quickly returned to the pavilion with just 40 runs on the board. While KL Rahul and Rohit tried to rebuild the innings, it appeared that India was getting back on track, despite the challenging conditions on the slow surface in Lucknow.

England managed to make a comeback in the game by dismissing both well-set batters in the space of six overs. However, the main talking point wasn’t the wickets that fell but rather a fielder who found himself on the ground, clutching his knee in pain.

Rohit Sharma, who had just reached his half-century in the 24th over, began to struggle in scoring quick runs as the English bowlers maintained a tight line. In the 30th over, after hitting a boundary, Rohit went through an unusual dry spell where he couldn’t find the boundary. It was only a matter of time before he attempted a risky shot. This moment arrived on the fifth ball of the 37th over when he tried to take on Adil Rashid’s delivery. Rashid bowled a deceptive wrong ‘un, and Rohit couldn’t resist going after it, but he failed to make good contact. Nevertheless, the ball sailed towards deep midwicket, where Liam Livingstone tried to complete a routine sliding catch.

Livingstone successfully caught the ball, but as he landed, his right knee got stuck in the surface, causing him to stumble. To England’s relief, he held onto the ball but was clearly in a lot of pain. The replays of this incident didn’t paint a pretty picture, highlighting how dangerous the injury could have been without that slight slide.

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The incident didn’t sit well with social media users, who quickly criticized the field conditions in Lucknow. It was a worrying moment in the game and served as a reminder of the importance of maintaining safe playing surfaces in cricket.

Watch How Poor Outfield in Lucknow Almost Ends Liam Livingstone’s World Cup Journey


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