Cricketer Fabian Allen Shatters Glass with Record-Breaking 98-Meter Six in the Caribbean Premier League

In the Caribbean, they made a bit of a mistake by having glass windows in their cricket stadium. You see, the players there are really good at hitting the ball very hard. One day, a player named Fabian Allen showed just how hard he could hit.

There’s a cricket team called the Jamaica Tallawahs, and they were having a tough time in a big tournament called the Caribbean Premier League. They kept losing, and this time, they were playing in Guyana. They had set a target of 153 runs for the Guyana Amazon Warriors to chase. But the home team, the Guyana Amazon Warriors, made it look easy. They reached the target with seven wickets and nine balls to spare. This win put them back in first place in the tournament.

Now, even though the Jamaica Tallawahs were not doing well in the game, Fabian Allen, one of their players, did something amazing. It happened in the 18th over when he was facing a bowler from South Africa named Dwaine Pretorius. The bowler sent a tempting delivery just outside the off-stump, and Fabian Allen saw his chance. He swung his bat really hard and sent the cricket ball flying into the sky. It didn’t stop after crossing the boundary; instead, it hit the glass buildings near the stadium screen.

What’s even more incredible is that the ball traveled 98 meters before hitting the glass. It was such a strong hit that it not only made a big hole in the window but also cracked the entire glass pane. The cricket ball itself was also seriously damaged.

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In regular cricket, we often see balls being hit out of the playing area, which is called a “six.” But what Fabian Allen did was truly extraordinary. It’s something you might see in casual cricket games played in neighborhoods but not very often in professional matches. This moment became famous in the Caribbean Premier League, and people will be talking about it for a long time. It shows just how talented and powerful these cricket players are, and it’s a moment that will be remembered in the world of cricket for a very long time.

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