[Watch] Callum Vidler ‘Headshot’ Warning to Pak Batsmen Shahzaid Khan in U19 Semi-Final

The semi-final match between Australia and Pakistan in the U19 World Cup had everyone on the edge of their seats. It was a close game with exciting moments throughout. Both teams showed excellent bowling skills, making it a nail-biting contest. In the end, the young Australian team won by just one wicket.

The Battle Between Callum Vidler and Shahzaid Khan

One of the highlights of the match was the face-off between Australian bowler Callum Vidler and Pakistani batsman Shahzaid Khan. In the 10th over of Pakistan’s innings, Vidler signaled his intention to deliver a bouncer to Shahzaid. However, he cleverly followed it up with a different delivery, catching Shahzaid off guard.

Shahzaid Khan’s Dismissal

Shahzaid, perhaps frustrated by Vidler’s warning, attempted a drive but couldn’t keep the shot grounded. The ball ended up in Hugh Weibgen’s hands, leading to Shahzaid’s dismissal. This was a significant blow to Pakistan as Shahzaid had been their top scorer in the tournament so far.


Pakistan’s Batting Struggles

After Shahzaid’s dismissal, Pakistan’s batting lineup began to falter. They struggled to build partnerships and were eventually bowled out for 179 runs.

Australia’s Tough Chase

Although Pakistan put up a competitive total, Australia faced a tough challenge in chasing it down. At one point, they were 164 for 9, needing 16 runs to win. Pakistan needed just one more wicket to seal their spot in the final.

Callum Vidler’s Crucial Contribution

In a crucial moment, Callum Vidler stepped up with the bat, providing support to Raf MacMillan. Despite coming in at number 11, Vidler played a crucial role in Australia’s chase.

The Final Over Drama

As the game came down to the wire, Australia needed three runs to win in the final over. On the first ball, MacMillan edged Mohammad Zeeshan’s delivery, and the ball raced away to the boundary, securing victory for Australia.

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Australia Advances to the Final

With this win, Australia booked their place in the U19 World Cup 2024 final, where they will face India on February 11.

The semi-final between Australia and Pakistan was a thrilling encounter filled with twists and turns. Despite Pakistan’s efforts, Australia emerged victorious, setting up an exciting final showdown against India.

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