Angelo Mathews’ Controversial Timed Out – A First in Cricket History

In a surprising turn of events during a recent cricket match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, Angelo Mathews made history by becoming the first batter to be timed out in the sport’s long history. The match took place at the Arun Jaitley Stadium, and Bangladesh had sent Sri Lanka in to bat first. At the halfway point of Sri Lanka’s innings, they were struggling at 135/4, and the Tigers were in control.

The pivotal moment occurred when Shakib Al Hasan dismissed Sadeera Samawickarama with the second ball of the 25th over, and Angelo Mathews was set to replace him at the crease. However, just as Mathews was about to face the first ball, he noticed that the strap of his helmet was broken. He signaled for a replacement from the dugout, and during the wait for the new helmet, the Bangladesh team huddled together.

It was during this delay that Shakib Al Hasan, the captain of the Bangladesh team, recognized that the time was passing too slowly and quietly appealed to the umpire to have Mathews timed out. This move was in accordance with Law 40.1.1 of the MCC’s rulebook, which states that the incoming batter must be ready to receive the ball within a specific time after a wicket falls or a batter retires, unless time has been called. In this case, the World Cup playing conditions specified a two-minute time interval, taking precedence over the MCC laws.

The umpires took note of the appeal and asked Mathews to leave the field, which understandably provoked an angry reaction from the 35-year-old Sri Lankan veteran. Mathews approached Shakib to plead his case, but the Bangladesh captain appeared apologetic, explaining that he was following the rule book.

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After a lengthy discussion with the umpires, Mathews had no choice but to leave the field, making him the first batter in international cricket history to be timed out. As he walked back, he gestured to the dugout, indicating that he couldn’t control the fact that his helmet was broken, and he expressed his frustration by flinging it angrily at the LED sideboard. Sri Lanka’s skipper, Kusal Mendis, also tried to address the issue with the fourth umpire on the sideline but to no avail, leading to a flurry of reactions on social media. This incident is sure to be remembered in the annals of cricket history as a unique and unprecedented occurrence.


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