PAK vs AFG: Babar Azam’s Animated Handshake with Mohammad Nabi Shakes Social Media

In a nail-biting encounter, Pakistan managed to secure a dramatic one-wicket triumph over Afghanistan in a riveting cricket clash, with Naseem Shah sealing the win with a boundary off the final ball. However, amidst the celebration, a tense moment caught everyone’s attention as Babar Azam, Pakistan’s skipper, appeared visibly upset while exchanging pleasantries with Mohammad Nabi.

The aftermath of the Pakistan vs Afghanistan 2nd ODI on August 24 showcased a surprising display of frustration from Babar Azam during his handshake with Mohammad Nabi. Despite Azam’s commendable performance with a half-century, his emotions seemed to get the better of him during the customary post-match handshake with Nabi. In a clip that has now taken social media by storm, Azam was seen making a gesture with his finger, indicating his dissatisfaction with something.

Reports suggest that the cause of Babar Azam’s discontent was the ‘Mankad’ run-out of Shadab Khan in the decisive final over of the match. This rare and contentious dismissal method involves the bowler running out the non-striking batsman before delivering the ball, which happened in this particular instance. Azam’s reaction appears to have stemmed from his unease with this tactic, a sentiment that he inadvertently conveyed during the handshake with Nabi.

As the video continues to circulate on various social media platforms, cricket enthusiasts and fans of both teams have been speculating about the underlying tension and its implications. The incident has added a layer of intrigue to an already electrifying match and has triggered discussions among fans and experts alike.

Watch Babar Azam’s Animated Handshake with Mohammad Nabi Video


Amidst the intensity of the game, Naseem Shah, who played a pivotal role in Pakistan’s victory, shared a heartfelt Instagram story paying tribute to his late mother. The emotional post beautifully captured the mix of triumph and personal sentiment that defined the match for him.

In the aftermath of the match, while the focus should ideally remain on the thrilling sporting contest, Babar Azam’s animated reaction during the handshake has added an unexpected subplot to the narrative. It remains to be seen how this incident will impact the dynamics between the two teams and players in the future.

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