Watch Manish Pandey Extraordinary Boundary save

Cricket is full of critical moments, and fielding can often turn the tide in tough situations. That’s exactly what happened in the final of the KSCA Maharaja Trophy. Manish Pandey’s incredible fielding prevented the chasing team from scoring a crucial six.

The final of the KSCA Maharaja T20 Trophy saw Hubli Tigers facing off against Mysuru Warriors. The Tigers emerged victorious by eight runs, clinching the championship. Mohammad Taha and Ravikumar Samarth shone with their batting, while Manish Pandey’s performance played a vital role in securing the win for Hubli.

In the last over of the innings, Mysuru Warriors needed 11 runs from four balls with L Manvanth Kumar bowling. During the third ball of the over, Jagadeesha Suchith hit a high shot towards long-off. It seemed like the ball would sail over the boundary for a six, but Manish Pandey, positioned at the fielding spot, had other plans.

In an astonishing move, he leaped into the air, caught the Kookaburra ball, and then tossed it back into the field before landing outside the boundary. This sensational effort turned a potential six into just a single, ultimately leading his team to victory and securing the championship title.

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