When Cricket Meets Comedy: Mathews’ Giggle with Boult and Williamson

In a rare and historic turn of events, Angelo Mathews found himself in the spotlight, stepping onto the cricket field for the first time since an unusual incident that unfolded against Bangladesh. The anticipation surrounding this moment echoed through the air, considering it marked the first time in the sport’s 146-year history that a batter faced a timed-out situation.

The setting was Bangalore, where Sri Lanka faced New Zealand in a crucial match for both teams. New Zealand was eager to secure a spot in the semi-finals, while Sri Lanka aimed to enhance their chances of qualifying for the Champions Trophy. The match took an unexpected turn as Sri Lanka’s batting lineup crumbled like a house of cards, losing five wickets in the initial powerplay. This collapse forced Angelo Mathews, the number six batter, to walk in as early as the ninth over.

Amidst the chaos on the field, the focus momentarily shifted from the ongoing encounter to Angelo Mathews. His previous game against Bangladesh had seen him called into action under similar challenging circumstances, with the team at 135/4. However, in a bizarre twist, Mathews had to leave without facing a ball, becoming the first batter in international cricket history to be timed out. The anticipation was high as he stepped onto the field on Thursday, ensuring there would be no repetition of such lapses.

As Mathews made his way past Trent Boult, the two engaged in a brief exchange of words before breaking into laughter. This on-field camaraderie unfolded just before Mathews reached the pitch, where Kane Williamson awaited to welcome him. The Kiwi skipper whispered something to the 35-year-old, provoking a hearty laugh from Mathews, presumably teasing him about the previous game’s antics.

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The amusing exchange didn’t go unnoticed by the cricket community, as Twitter erupted with a plethora of reactions to the lighthearted moment on the field. Fans and spectators joined in on the laughter, adding a touch of humor to the intensity of the match.


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