A Recap of the Lowest Totals in the 2023 World Cup – Lowest Totals in World Cup 2023

The Cricket World Cup 2023 has been a super thrilling event where cricket teams from all around the world came together to play. Some matches had a lot of runs, but what really gets us excited are the matches where teams didn’t score too many runs. Let’s dive into these low scores.

Lowest Totals in World Cup 2023

Netherlands90AustraliaDelhi, India
Afghanistan139New ZealandChennai, India
Afghanistan156BangladeshDharamsala, India
England156Sri LankaBengaluru, India
England170South AfricaWankhede, India

90 Runs – Netherlands vs Australia

Imagine the Netherlands playing against Australia in Delhi, India. The Netherlands only managed to score 90 runs. It was a tough day for them as Australia easily won.

139 Runs – Afghanistan vs New Zealand

In Chennai, India, Afghanistan played New Zealand. Afghanistan scored 139 runs. But, New Zealand chased down this score and won.

156 Runs – Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

Afghanistan was playing again, this time against Bangladesh in Dharamsala, India. They scored 156 runs, but Bangladesh was able to win the match.

156 Runs – England vs Sri Lanka

Recently, in Bengaluru, India, England faced Sri Lanka and scored 156 runs. We’re still waiting to see who will win this match. It promises to be exciting!

170 Runs – England vs South Africa

Earlier in the tournament, England played against South Africa at Wankhede, India. England scored 170 runs. South Africa tried to chase it, but they couldn’t. England won this one.

These low scores remind us that cricket can be full of surprises. Some days, the bowlers do a great job, and the batters struggle. But that’s what makes cricket so exciting. We can’t wait to see what other surprises the World Cup has in store for us.

Stay tuned for more cricket action and keep enjoying the game!

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