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Kellen Moore is a name that rings true for football fans across America. His story, one of determination and football genius, traces a path from a quiet Washington town to the grand stage of the NFL. Let’s dive into Kellen Moore’s life, from his early days to his present role as a respected coach, and explore his remarkable financial success.

BirthdayJul 05, 1988
BirthplaceProsser, Washington, United States of America
Age35 years
Birth SignCancer

The Early Life

Kellen Moore was born in Prosser, Washington. He grew up with a football always at his side, fostering a love for the game that started in his youth. It was his parents who played a vital role in nurturing his talent and passion for football.

Kellen Moore College


Moore’s college career at Boise State University was nothing short of extraordinary. He became a football sensation during those years, amassing a collection of awards and setting records that highlighted his exceptional quarterback skills.

Kellen Moore Family – Kellen Moore Wife, GF


When it comes to his personal life, Kellen Moore keeps things low-key. He’s a family man, and his wife, Julie Wilson, has been his steadfast support. Their journey began in their hometown, culminating in a marriage in 2011.

Kellen Moore NFL Team


Despite his college achievements, Kellen Moore faced the daunting NFL draft in 2012. To his disappointment, he went undrafted. But this setback didn’t deter his determination to pursue an NFL career.

Kellen Moore NFL Draft

Moore’s NFL journey saw him wearing the jerseys of the Detroit Lions and later the Dallas Cowboys. Though he primarily served as a backup quarterback, his football intelligence and unwavering dedication shone on the field.

Kellen Moore Dallas Cow Boys Coach


Following his retirement from playing, Kellen Moore embarked on a coaching career. His profound understanding of the game and innate leadership qualities made him a natural fit for coaching.

Moore’s coaching career skyrocketed when he joined the Dallas Cowboys as their quarterbacks coach. His innovative strategies and knack for developing players quickly caught the attention of the football world.

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Kellen Moore Net Worth

Kellen Moore nfl draft

As of 2023, Kellen Moore’s net worth is estimated at around $1.5 million. His football journey, both as a player and coach, significantly contributed to his financial success.

In summary, Kellen Moore‘s remarkable journey from a small-town kid to an NFL quarterback and then a successful coach is a testament to his unwavering love for football. His enduring impact on the game and his noteworthy financial achievements are the fruits of years of hard work and dedication.

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